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It’s time.


It’s back!

It’s that time of year. It’s BACK! That’s right. Our world famous Tree on a Truck game!

It’s a game all about spreading the joy of the season. The concept is simple. If you see someone bringing home a Christmas Tree you yell “TREE!” and then count it and see how many you and/or your family/team gets by the end of the season. The more trees we spot the more joy gets spread.

Go to the website, Create your team, Read the rules and start spotting trees!!!

Game starts tomorrow morning and runs till Christmas day.


The Famous Lotusphere Pretzel Cookie

One of the many legendary things from the conference once called “Lotusphere” was the “Pretzel Cookie” that was provided in the box lunch on the last day.

If, like me, you’re not able to go to the conference this year but don’t want to miss out on the famous cookie I present to you 2 options.

The first is this recipe from John Rolings blog :

Create the infamous Pretzel Cookie at Home!

My wife has made these before and I can attest it to be a pretty good representation.

But what if you want the real thing?  Did you know you can order the cookie yourself?  Yep it’s not some special Disney recipe at all.  It’s from a Bakery called Silverland Bakery.




2017 IBM Champion thoughts.

Yesterday IBM announced their 2017 “IBM Champions”. I’m honored to once again be associated with an amazing group of people.  This will be my 7th year as a champion going all the way back to when the program started. I do want to thank the people that took the time out of their day to think of me and nominate me.  I do hope my silly little NotesIn9 screencast has been valuable to you.

I don’t talk about being an IBM Champion too often because one, I hate talking about myself, and second, my philosophy has always been that I’m going to contribute and share content on my terms no matter what.  If I’m in the program great.  If not, I’m still going to keep contributing and sharing where I can.

It’s been my experience that the more you share, the more you learn and the more you gain.  I’ve received back so much more then I’ve given.  I’ve gained knowledge, friends, and even a job from my sharing content and contributing to the community.

One of the things I love the most is working with new people and trying to help get them engaged in the community by blogging, sharing content and even putting a show on NotesIn9. It’s possible that I’ve played a very very small part in helping a few people start their path to be an IBM Champion.

If you are reading this post, then you have things you can share as well. If you want help getting started please let me know and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Feel free to email me (Email address is at the end of every show), ping me on Twitter (@DavidLeedy)  or reach out on the XPages Slack chat.



It’s back!!! The Tree on a Truck game!!

Ok. It’s that time of year again. The Tree on a Truck Game starts on Black Friday!!!

The game is simple. If you see a vehicle carrying a Christmas Tree you yell “TREE!!” and then record it. Team with the most called trees win.

The website to signup is :

Create your team. Add your member and then use that to track your trees.

Below are the official rules. If there’s any problems with the website let me know. I do hope to make it better this year.

Official Rules

Honor System. This is just for fun.

Game Starts Black Friday. Ends Christmas morning.

Only 1 person in a group can call the same tree during an outing.
Exception: If it’s a TRUE tie than each person who called it can count the tree.

Tree MUST be inside, on top of, or otherwise touching a vehicle.
1 point given per tree called.

If the vehicle contains more than 1 tree – each tree MUST be called to get the point. (Yes you must yell “TREE!” for each tree”)

If a vehicle has more than 5 trees and the # can not be determined the caller can get a maximum of 5 points for the vehicle

You MUST call the tree. If you see a tree you must shout “TREE!”

Do not call false trees. Don’t see that kayak in the distance and call it as a tree “just in case”.

Christmas Trees only. No landscaping trees. Artificial Trees in boxed are allowed.

Drivers: Do NOT crash while looking for trees. Play at your own risk.

You can call antlers, Rudolph noses or wreaths, but they do not count for scoring.

P.S. – Yes I know this is not a great app.  I do hope to improve it this year.  Suggestions or help are accepted!  🙂



My IBM Champion 1st Round Draft Pick

It’s that time of year again to talk about the IBM Champion program. I’ve blogged about it at least a couple times before in “how to thank someone”, and “thanking people that share” and I’m here to talk about again.  Additional information about the program is here.

Actually this is one of my favorite blog posts I make.  I love trying to find someone who is not an IBM Champion but shares great content and I think deserves to be an IBM Champion.

This year, for your consideration, I humbly suggest that Csaba Kiss deserves to be an IBM Champion. You’re supposed to look at contributions made in the last 18 months and Csaba has been pretty busy during that time.  In addition to his videos and blogs he’s done presentations at MWLug 2016 and IBM Connect 2016 and maybe even some others I don’t know about.

His website is  His Twitter is : @csakis.

His YouTube Channel is here. Since he’s so good at videos I am hoping to get him on NotesIn9 very soon.

If you agree please go to this form and nominate him.  The form itself looks a little “daunting” to say the least.  Choose IBM Collaboration solutions and then just fill in what you know.  If you can think of someone else then please nominate that person.  Keep in mind you can nominate more then one person and there are also other categories this year. If there’s someone out there that has helped you wether they are a current IBM Champion or not, please consider nominating them.

As I said before the nomination form is daunting.  Even with minimal information it’s an investment of time.  You do NOT need to nominate me. I would much rather you spend any time nominating someone else. I’ve been an IBM Champion since they opened the program.  I think that was 2011 or something but I’m not sure. While I’ve always been honored to be associated with the great people involved in the program it’s not something I’ve ever actually tried to attain. My philosophy is I shared my content before I was a “Champion” and I’ll share my content if I’m not a “Champion”.

So since my content is “a sure thing” don’t waste time on me but instead nominate a deserving person today!

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NotesIn9 201: Thoughts on the Future of XPages and NotesIn9

This show is the sequel to my recent blog post titled “No More”. As I said in that post I HATE doing opinion stuff but feel that I now must. I also HATE talking about myself but because of things that happened at IconUK that is also a topic in the show. Because I wanted to talk about IconUK the show has grown bigger then I originally intended.  Sorry that couldn’t be helped.

As mentioned in the show I have LOTS of people to be thankful for, especially, Mark Roden, Rob Mason, Amanda Bauman, Tim Clark and too many others to mention.  I want to thank everyone not just for the activity and comments around the Marky Roden video, but also all those who sent me comments showing support for the No More post.  I’ve NEVER gotten that kind of reaction before and it meant a lot to me!!

The show does contains an announcement on the future of NotesIn9.

Once all that is out of the way I do give my personal opinions on the Good, the Bad, and the Future of Domino XPages.

At the end of the show I also have a clip from the end of the IconUK event simply because I just wanted to never lose it.

This show is about 38 minutes. There are no rules for today.




Community Notes In 9

From the NotesIn9 Vault: Advertisements!

I’m still working on the next show, but to tide anyone over I thought I’d dig up some old advertisements I had done.

First I think this might be the only XPages TV ad ever!!


Then the kids played the roles of cousins to talk about Domino vs Sharepoint.


Good times.


P.S. The boy is now taller then I am!!!  WTH?  🙂





Stunned… again… level 11

No words…  Thank you Marky and all!


Just stunned….

I don’t know the who, the what, or the why. All I know is this happened today at IconUK in London England about 3,500 miles away from where I film my silly little screencast.

I don’t know what to say…   Thank You!

P.S.  I showed the pics to my wife and she started crying.notesin9shirtsimg_2761