2017 IBM Champion thoughts.

Yesterday IBM announced their 2017 “IBM Champions”. I’m honored to once again be associated with an amazing group of people.  This will be my 7th year as a champion going all the way back to when the program started. I do want to thank the people that took the time out of their day to think of me and nominate me.  I do hope my silly little NotesIn9 screencast has been valuable to you.

I don’t talk about being an IBM Champion too often because one, I hate talking about myself, and second, my philosophy has always been that I’m going to contribute and share content on my terms no matter what.  If I’m in the program great.  If not, I’m still going to keep contributing and sharing where I can.

It’s been my experience that the more you share, the more you learn and the more you gain.  I’ve received back so much more then I’ve given.  I’ve gained knowledge, friends, and even a job from my sharing content and contributing to the community.

One of the things I love the most is working with new people and trying to help get them engaged in the community by blogging, sharing content and even putting a show on NotesIn9. It’s possible that I’ve played a very very small part in helping a few people start their path to be an IBM Champion.

If you are reading this post, then you have things you can share as well. If you want help getting started please let me know and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Feel free to email me (Email address is at the end of every show), ping me on Twitter (@DavidLeedy)  or reach out on the XPages Slack chat.



My IBM Champion 1st Round Draft Pick

It’s that time of year again to talk about the IBM Champion program. I’ve blogged about it at least a couple times before in “how to thank someone”, and “thanking people that share” and I’m here to talk about again.  Additional information about the program is here.

Actually this is one of my favorite blog posts I make.  I love trying to find someone who is not an IBM Champion but shares great content and I think deserves to be an IBM Champion.

This year, for your consideration, I humbly suggest that Csaba Kiss deserves to be an IBM Champion. You’re supposed to look at contributions made in the last 18 months and Csaba has been pretty busy during that time.  In addition to his videos and blogs he’s done presentations at MWLug 2016 and IBM Connect 2016 and maybe even some others I don’t know about.

His website is  His Twitter is : @csakis.

His YouTube Channel is here. Since he’s so good at videos I am hoping to get him on NotesIn9 very soon.

If you agree please go to this form and nominate him.  The form itself looks a little “daunting” to say the least.  Choose IBM Collaboration solutions and then just fill in what you know.  If you can think of someone else then please nominate that person.  Keep in mind you can nominate more then one person and there are also other categories this year. If there’s someone out there that has helped you wether they are a current IBM Champion or not, please consider nominating them.

As I said before the nomination form is daunting.  Even with minimal information it’s an investment of time.  You do NOT need to nominate me. I would much rather you spend any time nominating someone else. I’ve been an IBM Champion since they opened the program.  I think that was 2011 or something but I’m not sure. While I’ve always been honored to be associated with the great people involved in the program it’s not something I’ve ever actually tried to attain. My philosophy is I shared my content before I was a “Champion” and I’ll share my content if I’m not a “Champion”.

So since my content is “a sure thing” don’t waste time on me but instead nominate a deserving person today!


IBM Champion thoughts – How to thank someone

It’s that time year again where you can nominate someone to be an IBM Champion. I’ve talked about this before on the blog.

You can find out about the program here. And you can go to this page to nominate someone.

Note: The nomination form is a little “daunting” to say the least. Just fill in what you know. You don’t need to fill in everything.

You’re supposed to nominate people based on their contributions for the last 12 months, NOT their “life time” contributions. For this and other reasons I always try to first nominate someone that has never been an IBM Champion. We have such a great community that there always seems to be new blood showing up and every group needs new people.

This year I’ve identified 2 people that, to me, have done some significant contributions over the last year. I believe that both, like me, are simply customers. That’s cool to me. They are:
Steve Zavocki – USA – @szavocki
Johnny Oldenburger – Netherlands – @JOldenburger

I’m not going to go into why I think they deserve their nominations as I think that’s up to you to decide on your own. I’ll just say that I’ve enjoyed their efforts and want to thank them for their time.

If you’ve benefitted from any community contribution in the last year, please consider nominating that person to be an IBM Champion.


P.S. I don’t broadcast it much but I’m currently an IBM Champion as well. I was honored with that when the initial group was announced at conference in Las Vegas. So I’ve had a good run. I’m NOT here asking you to nominate me. NotesIn9 will continue regardless. Please first nominate a few other people before you even consider nominating me.


IBM Champion – Thank You

This morning I learned that I was chosen to be an IBM Champion.

I just want to say Thank You to anyone who nominated me and the selection committee. I was very surprised by this. I don’t know if I really know what this means yet, but I’m honored to be chosen.

As my way of saying thanks, I’ll be ending my NotesIn9 drought shortly. I have quite a few shows in the queue that I’m working on and am excited to get them out. I’m also talking to a couple of different guests who are interested in coming on the show to contribute. So more shows are on the way!

Anyway – Thanks again!!