NotesIn9 142: Adding a Please Wait to XPages

In this show it’s back to XPages and demos!  I will do a quick recap on the last show as 141 seemed REALLY popular but then it’s back to work.  In this show I demo a quick tip on how you can use CLIENT SIDE JavaScript to show the user the server is processing.



Fredrik Norling (@XPageDeveloper)  tweeted me a link to an OpenNTF Snippet designed to handle Partial Refreshes:

Also, Eric Tomenga sent me a nice email with even another solution.  This one looks like it uses the Ext. Library.

I actually did look for a jQuery version as well since I’m using this inside the Bootstrap project.  I couldn’t find one but I’m sure there’s something out there.

I do love having options.


Wow! Show 141 Recap/

I’ll admit I was a little nervous about the last show.  It’s been a long time since I got a little “Rowdy” on the show.  Maybe too long. First I want to thank everyone for all the feedback via comments, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I think this is the first NotesIn9 that someone (Russ Maher) actually [...]

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NotesIn9 141: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown

This is a VERY DIFFERENT NotesIn9.  It’s less of a normal show and more if a response to a recent blog post regarding one persons opinion on the value of Java in XPages and the Value of the UI vs the backend. Actually this show is more of a really long “rant”. This show could [...]

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NotesIn9 140: SourceTree Deep Dive

In this episode Paul Withers comes back on the show for a deeper look at using SourceTree and Git Flow. This comes from the session he did with Declan Lynch at IBM Connect.  In that session they ran out of time so this should fill in some of the missing pieces that they didn’t get to [...]

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NotesIn9 139: XPages Single Copy Design

In this show, Andrew Barickman, a great new contributor comes on to talk to use about the performance benefits of the “Single Copy Design”.  He focuses on the performance benefits, not only for a web application but also for XPages In the Notes Client – XPiNC.

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NotesIn9 138: XPages Combobox Improvements

In this show I take a look at using a Combobox inside XPages.  I’m going to demo how to use Java – but it’s NOT scary Java – I show you everything. We’re going to show the user a pretty value in the combobox but get a hold of and store the key value for [...]

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NotesIn9 137: XPages and Web Services

In this show, new contributor, Fredrik Norling comes on to give a neat demo on how to use Web Services with XPages.   The demo database and code will be available on his website as well as Update:  Here’s a link to Fredrik’s blog post with the links.

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NotesIn9 136: Using XPages with Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome

Ok enough Java.  We need something that even Marky Roden might like! In this show Tim Tripcony returns to end out “Tim Tripcony week” on NotesIn9.  He’l give a demo on how you can start using Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome with your XPages applications.  He’ll do so by using themes and a content delivery [...]

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NotesIn9 135: Using Java in XPages Part4

Tim Tripcony returns again for another great show in his Java series.  Today he’ll be introducing the concept of a “MimeBean”.  A “MimeBean” gives the ability to save Java Objects inside a notes field.  It opens up many new possibilities for storing data in your applications. Not to be missed!      

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NotesIn9 134: Using Java with XPages Part 3

In this show Tim Tripcony continues his series of exploring the use of Java with your XPages application.  Today’s show discusses linking buttons to Java, dealing with ReadOnly properties and how to deal with explilcit getters and setters – but only when you want to! There’s even a little more Bootstrap goodness in here!

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