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NotesIn9 201: Thoughts on the Future of XPages and NotesIn9

This show is the sequel to my recent blog post titled “No More”. As I said in that post I HATE doing opinion stuff but feel that I now must. I also HATE talking about myself but because of things that happened at IconUK that is also a topic in the show. Because I wanted to talk about IconUK the show has grown bigger then I originally intended.  Sorry that couldn’t be helped.

As mentioned in the show I have LOTS of people to be thankful for, especially, Mark Roden, Rob Mason, Amanda Bauman, Tim Clark and too many others to mention.  I want to thank everyone not just for the activity and comments around the Marky Roden video, but also all those who sent me comments showing support for the No More post.  I’ve NEVER gotten that kind of reaction before and it meant a lot to me!!

The show does contains an announcement on the future of NotesIn9.

Once all that is out of the way I do give my personal opinions on the Good, the Bad, and the Future of Domino XPages.

At the end of the show I also have a clip from the end of the IconUK event simply because I just wanted to never lose it.

This show is about 38 minutes. There are no rules for today.