Please Help!

Nathan T. Freeman has always been a friend to me, the NotesIn9 show and to the community itself. He and his family is in very bad shape at the moment.

If my show has ever helped you please consider returning the favor and donating to his gofundme.


NotesIn9 208: Introduction to Ninite

Installing a new PC and want to quickly get some of the most common apps installed? Then take a look at a website that helps you get going as fast as you can.


Tree on a Truck Returns!

Ok. It’s that time of year again. The Tree on a Truck Game starts on Black Friday!!!

The game is simple. If you see a vehicle carrying a Christmas Tree you yell “TREE!!” and then record it. Team with the most called trees win.

The website to signup is :

Create your team. Add your member and then use that to track your trees. See the site for official rules. Good Luck!


Hello from Collabsphere 2018!

I’m here at the always great Collabsphere 2018 conference.  The first day has been very good and I’m looking forward to the OGS tomorrow and many other technical sessions.  Lots of new things coming out it seems.

If you happen to be at the conference, wether we’ve previously met or not, please find me and say hello.  It is a “Social” conference after all.  🙂




NotesIn9 204: Building an Alexa Skill

I’m so excited about this show. After years of negotiations and down right harassment I’ve finally convinced/tricked Bruce Elgort to come on the show and share some if his knowledge. In this show Bruce will give us a great demo on building a skill for Amazon Alexa. If you’re not familiar with Alexa, it’s similar to Siri and “Ok Google”, in that it’s a voice based service. I think these voice services are going to only get bigger and bigger as time goes on.

There’s also a little discussion on an important blog series not to be missed for the Domino Developer as well as a note of congratulations to Julian Robichaux for being named a lifetime IBM Champion. Congrats Julian!!!


Community Notes In 9 Uncategorized XPages

NotesIn9 201: Thoughts on the Future of XPages and NotesIn9

This show is the sequel to my recent blog post titled “No More”. As I said in that post I HATE doing opinion stuff but feel that I now must. I also HATE talking about myself but because of things that happened at IconUK that is also a topic in the show. Because I wanted to talk about IconUK the show has grown bigger then I originally intended.  Sorry that couldn’t be helped.

As mentioned in the show I have LOTS of people to be thankful for, especially, Mark Roden, Rob Mason, Amanda Bauman, Tim Clark and too many others to mention.  I want to thank everyone not just for the activity and comments around the Marky Roden video, but also all those who sent me comments showing support for the No More post.  I’ve NEVER gotten that kind of reaction before and it meant a lot to me!!

The show does contains an announcement on the future of NotesIn9.

Once all that is out of the way I do give my personal opinions on the Good, the Bad, and the Future of Domino XPages.

At the end of the show I also have a clip from the end of the IconUK event simply because I just wanted to never lose it.

This show is about 38 minutes. There are no rules for today.





Updates to XPages.TV

So I have this site called “XPages.TV“.  This is basically supposed to be a nicer index of all the NotesIn9 shows.  Something I’ve no idea how to do in WordPress.

Anyway I’ve updated it a little recently to make it easier to get to the original blog posts and videos.  I’ve also re-added the contributor breakdown which shows all who contributed, how much time they’ve donated (roughly) and a details to at least see which shows they’ve done.

Needs more work in sorting, and more links to shows etc, but it’s something at least.

So if you’re looking for older shows on XPages that should be a pretty good place to start.


Updated Pages Url Cheatsheet

So I’m working on an update to and the first thing I’m going to do is fix my XPages URL Cheatsheet. It’s UGLY. As in really ugly. So I started with that and made a new one.

This is for SSJS and I will also be making one for Java code.

Please check it out and let me know if anything can be added or if there are any problems. And if you have any Java snippets or code let me know that as well since I’ve not made the Java page yet. 🙂

Hope this helps.

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XPages.TV is dead. XPages.TV is born again.

For years I’ve known that my XPages.TV site sucked. For years you knew that also. Well finally I’m starting to do something about it.

XPages.TV was meant to be an on line catalog of all the NotesIn9 shows. Since the shows have a longer shelf life then a typical blog/podcast I wanted some way to get to them easier. And I didn’t know a way to do something clever in wordpress itself. So I wrote a little template to try and do some clever things and it was a total failure. So tonight I’ve killed that.

XPages.TV is currently showing the raw data of the NotesIn9 shows. Big thanks to Tim Briley for helping me gather the data. It’s barebones and ugly, but already should be doing a better job then my last attempt.

So if you’re looking for a particular NotesIn9 show, check out XPages.TV for the complete list and you can open links to get to the Youtube video or even the blog post.


XPages Developers – are you allowed to use the OpenNTF Domino API project? Please answer.

I’ve been doing a lot of shows on NotesIn9 that deal with Java. I will be doing many more.  I’ve been doing this for 2 reasons.

1 – This is how I work these days.  It’s not the only way to make XPages applications but I personally believe it’s the best practice way.

2 – I’ve actually had a lot of people asking me for more Java content.  Either at shows like MWLug or via email.

Here’s the issue though.  When I do Java, I’m using the OpenNTF Domino API project.  This project is a BRILLIANT piece of work that makes life a LOT easier for development.  So far I’ve used this in all my shows.

BUT BUT BUT I am also hearing that not everyone is able to use the OpenNTF Domino API.  Let’s face it – you do need an Admin to get it on the server the first time. (By the way there are paid support options for that project in case you didn’t know – contact Red Pill Now or Intec Solutions).

So here’s my questions. And PLEASE comment as I really want to know.  And yes I mean you “lurkers” out there as well. 🙂

In your environment are you allowed to :

  1. Use the OpenNTF Domino Api?
    1. If not PLEASE tell me why?
  2. Use the latest XPages Extension Library from OpenNTF?


If you could answer and give me any details I’d really appreciate it.

P.S. This isn’t just for Developers.  If you are an Admin or consultant I’d like to hear your experience as well.