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Announcing Wiki Madness

Before I get to Episode 12 details let me say that I’m beyond excited to announce the community event that Chris Toohey and I have been hinting about on Twitter for a little bit.

It’s called “Wiki Madness”.

Wiki Madness is an event that will run from now until the end March 2010. The purpose of this event is to attempt to raise awareness and visibility of the excellent content that members of the Lotus Community create on a daily basis.

Here’s what happened. I’ve been meaning to get my screencasts cross posted to the Domino Designer Wiki for a while. Not all of them of course, just the ones with the relevant tip or technique. Finally I found some time and with the help of Amanda Bauman of IBM, I got episode 11 posted to the wiki.

Then the most interesting thing happened. I’m not one to watch my stats that much, but since I was playing with this new embedded player for the wiki’s I happened to check my stats and to my surprise, the traffic that I got from the IBM servers quickly eclipsed the traffic I got from iTunes, and YouTube combined. I can only believe that these people are viewers who might not have been aware of my show.

I learned that there’s an audience that knows about the Product Wiki’s but maybe not PlanetLotus. And since I didn’t really know that much about the Wiki’s maybe the PlanetLotus contributors are not aware of this additional audience. So I was talking to Chris Toohey of about this and we jointly came up with the idea to try and bring the communities closer.

The gist of it is this:

There’s a ton of great content that is being posted to personal or group blogs. Why not simply cross post this content to the the relevant wiki? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Add an “About the Author” to the end of the wiki article with information about yourself and links back to your site. Now both the PlanetLotus audience and the Wiki Audience has a chance to see your content and recognize you as a contributor. It’s a win for all participants.

Then we thought, ok but how do we try and get this going? How to we promote this idea? Well, I had brought back a few things from Lotusphere to give to Chris for giveaways for his site. My wife does the Blogger of the Year award and I needed to ship that to him anyway. He decided it would be better to use the swag items I brought back for this project as an “incentive” to get the ball rolling. We then started asking around to see if we could gain some other items and Lisa Duke from STS and TipsinTwo immediately answered the call by sending us a tremendous “goodie box”! Since then we’ve been talking with various other people in an effort to increase our stash. More details of how this works will be announced by Chris on the community call today, and later on his blog and we’ll be talking about this off and on as the event progresses.

So that’s the Event. Please check out for further details. If you’re so inclined, show your support by placing out article submission widget on your own blog.

Ok so what about Notes In 9? Well I sub titled this episode “Wiki Wonka and the Collaboration Factory”. This episode talks more about the wiki’s, why you might want to participate, how much traffic do the wiki’s get, and then I do a demo of how to create a wiki article and use the Wiki Markup language to make it look good.

I hope you like it and I hope you take some time to add content to the wiki. It’s really not more then copy and paste.

Thank You!

And now Notes In 9  – Episode 12 – Wiki’s

Learning XPages Podcast XPages

Episode – 011 – SpeedGeeking (XPages and UI Layout)

In this show I present my material from Lotusphere’s “SpeedGeeking” session.

The point of the show is at the end where I combine XPages, CSS, Blueprint Framework, Themes, and Custom Controls to create a layout (header, sidebars, etc…) that you can easily include on every XPage.

I hope you like it.

UPDATE: Since BluePrint CSS is a dead project I recommend focusing on Bootstrap instead.


Notes in 9 will do SpeedGeeking

I recently found out that I’ve been chosen to participate in “SpeedGeeking”.  This is a really fun event where there a a LOT of tables and speakers at the tables will present on a topic for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes the audience changes tables and the presentations start all over again.  I was at this event last year and it as a LOT of fun.  If you’re at Lotusphere please stop by.  It’s loud and and quite roudy.

I’ll be presenting on XPages.  With only 5 minutes available I consider it “Notes in 5”. I’m really looking forward to it.

Once all is said and done I’ll definately be screencasting this, so for those of you not at Lotusphere, you’ll get to see my attempt at speedgeeking very shortly.


Episode – 010 – Getting Ready for Lotusphere 2010

With Lotusphere 2010 just around the corner I wanted to do my own version of a getting ready for the big event show. I culled some tips from some of the great blog resources out there like Andy Donaldson and Rocky Oliver.  I asked a couple of other veterans, Tom Duff and Theo Heselman specifically for their best ideas, and finally I chimed in with a couple of my own.

Hope you like it.

P.S. This should be my last non-tech show.  Once Lotusphere prep is over I’ll be back doing some technical tips in XPages and the Notes Client.

Learning XPages Podcast XPages

Episode – 009 – Viewer Questions on XPages

In this show I take some questions from a viewer who’s confused with how XPages interacts with traditional notes web development.

Also on the agenda is some more Notes in 9 announcements and a community Lost and Found message.

Community Podcast

Episode – 008 – Tri-State LUG Wrap UP

In this show I talk about some happenings with Notes In 9, the recent user group meeting in New York, and I give some thanks to the people who made that all possible.  Nothing too technical today, but don’t worry, more tips and tricks are on the way in the near future!

This show will be posted on YouTube – BUT you can now see the videos right in from the website.  Just click on download or on the MOV icon and it should start playing in your browser at full resolution.  Please let me know if you have any problems.

The final RSS isn’t ready yet, it will be soon.  Once that’s set I’ll post it and then that will be the best method to subscribe and get the new shows.

Thanks for watching!


Notes in 9 Happenings


I wanted to announce a couple of happenings for the screencast:

The first is that I finally have a domain dedicated to Notes in 9! This will be the best place to find updates on future shows.  Shortly, I hope to be back on iTunes and will then add a button specific for iTunes subscriptions for those who prefer to get the shows that way.  I’ll still be posting on YouTube of course, but would like to have these other avenues for your convenience.

Secondly I want to announce that I’ve joined Chris Miller and his Spiked Studio Productions, which is a new network for niche podcasts.  I couldn’t be happier to be on board. Chris has already been instrumental in helping me get the new domain up and running and I can’t thank him enough!

What this means:

Affiliating with Spiked Studio Productions lets me do a couple of things.  Chris is assisting me with a LOT of the admin work that has been bogging me down of late.  This should allow me to get back to producing more shows, especially since the recent XPages webinar that I did for Lotus Education Online is over and the Tri-State LUG speaking engagement is drawing to a close.

Additionally, now that YouTube will not be my only outlet, I hope to, on occasion, produce some longer shows.  Now that Domino Designer is free, there’s an opportunity for some new blood to start using Notes and I might do some “Extended Edition” shows for topics that need more time then 9 minutes.

As always, thanks so much for watching!

David Leedy

Learning XPages Podcast XPages

Episode – 007 – A License to TypeAhead

In this show I talk about XPages built in capability to easily add a Type Ahead to your field.  I demo how to deal with the 64k Limit and also the potential pitfalls of Full vs. Partial Mode.
As I mentioned in the show, a big thanks to Mark Hughes who posted a great blog article here and also Paul Hannan and Maire Kehoe who are XPage XPerts from IBM!!

Also a big shoutout to my buddy Chris Toohey who actually beat me in blogging about this!  Last night when I finished the show I uploaded it to YouTube and hit the sack.  Chris Toohey doesn’t sleep, he just goes into power saving mode.

Learning XPages Podcast XPages

Episode – 006 – A Blueprint to XPages

If you’re a Notes Client person getting started in XPages/Web stuff, you’re going to need to learn CSS on top of other things.  Blueprint allows you to place items on your page easily.  I really like it.  

UPDATE 9/21/2006: Note – Blueprint CSS is a dead project. Suggest you focus on Bootstrap these days.

Podcast XPages

Episode – 005 – 8.5.1

Ready for 8.5.1? This show goes details a preview from a late beta.