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NotesIn9: 24 – Fancy Type Ahead in XPages

In this show I try and do something rather dangerous. I attempt to explain a Tim Tripcony blog post on creating Fancy TypeAheads which are TypeAheads that show additional data in the lookup results. This helps aid the user to select the correct record.

I had some technical problems in the show. The sound changed for the demo portion somehow. Also I messed up due to the last Extended Edition and missed episode 23. So the next one will be 23. 🙂

So anyway – here you go. I hope you like it.

Learning XPages Podcast XPages

Episode – 007 – A License to TypeAhead

In this show I talk about XPages built in capability to easily add a Type Ahead to your field.  I demo how to deal with the 64k Limit and also the potential pitfalls of Full vs. Partial Mode.
As I mentioned in the show, a big thanks to Mark Hughes who posted a great blog article here and also Paul Hannan and Maire Kehoe who are XPage XPerts from IBM!!

Also a big shoutout to my buddy Chris Toohey who actually beat me in blogging about this!  Last night when I finished the show I uploaded it to YouTube and hit the sack.  Chris Toohey doesn’t sleep, he just goes into power saving mode.