Notes in 9 Happenings


I wanted to announce a couple of happenings for the screencast:

The first is that I finally have a domain dedicated to Notes in 9! This will be the best place to find updates on future shows.  Shortly, I hope to be back on iTunes and will then add a button specific for iTunes subscriptions for those who prefer to get the shows that way.  I’ll still be posting on YouTube of course, but would like to have these other avenues for your convenience.

Secondly I want to announce that I’ve joined Chris Miller and his Spiked Studio Productions, which is a new network for niche podcasts.  I couldn’t be happier to be on board. Chris has already been instrumental in helping me get the new domain up and running and I can’t thank him enough!

What this means:

Affiliating with Spiked Studio Productions lets me do a couple of things.  Chris is assisting me with a LOT of the admin work that has been bogging me down of late.  This should allow me to get back to producing more shows, especially since the recent XPages webinar that I did for Lotus Education Online is over and the Tri-State LUG speaking engagement is drawing to a close.

Additionally, now that YouTube will not be my only outlet, I hope to, on occasion, produce some longer shows.  Now that Domino Designer is free, there’s an opportunity for some new blood to start using Notes and I might do some “Extended Edition” shows for topics that need more time then 9 minutes.

As always, thanks so much for watching!

David Leedy