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XPages.TV is dead. XPages.TV is born again.

For years I’ve known that my XPages.TV site sucked. For years you knew that also. Well finally I’m starting to do something about it.

XPages.TV was meant to be an on line catalog of all the NotesIn9 shows. Since the shows have a longer shelf life then a typical blog/podcast I wanted some way to get to them easier. And I didn’t know a way to do something clever in wordpress itself. So I wrote a little template to try and do some clever things and it was a total failure. So tonight I’ve killed that.

XPages.TV is currently showing the raw data of the NotesIn9 shows. Big thanks to Tim Briley for helping me gather the data. It’s barebones and ugly, but already should be doing a better job then my last attempt.

So if you’re looking for a particular NotesIn9 show, check out XPages.TV for the complete list and you can open links to get to the Youtube video or even the blog post.