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Turn off Phone number Detection in iOS

Today I had a problem where iOS on an iPad was thinking some numbers where phone numbers when they really weren’t.  Normally that’s not the end of the world but in this case it converted the number to a blue link, and I was expecting it to be white on a dark background.  The blue made it difficult to read.

I quickly found these 2 links :

Which detail the solution of adding a meta tag to the XPage.  But where do you add the meta tag in XPages?

There’s a couple ways to do it I think.  I don’t really do much with themes but I chose to go that route so it’s once and done for the application.  I found this blog post :

XPages – Theme – Add Meta Tag

which gave me all the information I needed to do this :



Problem solved!  Thanks Ferhat for the blog post.  I tried to leave a comment while signed in as twitter and it didn’t work, so I figured I’d thank him here.


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XPages and iOS8 Update #6 – The Fix is HERE!!!

IBM has officially released an Interim FixPack to correct the Mobile Controls issue!  Horaay!  As I said in a previous blog we got this a tad early and have deployed it and that has corrected all the XPages specific issues of iOS 8 devices talking to our Mobile Controls application.

Also in this fix are some other key security fixes for issues that’s been discussed heavily recently.

Here’s the link.  Go get it!

It looks like what is in this fixpack was a lot of work.  So a BIG thanks to the teams at IBM for getting this out as soon as they did!


FYI – I’m not an admin but I believe this is specific to Domino 9.0.1 FP2. So you need to be on that level.  But let’s face it.  That’s the best version to be on anyway.


Also – Big thanks to Steven Podrouzek for sending me the link that saved me time from having to dig through my Twitter history.

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XPages and iOS8 Update #5 – GOOD NEWS!!!

Pete Janzen just tweeted this:


I’m happy to say that we’ve been testing this fix for a little while and 2 days ago put it into production.  Yay!  This does seem to fix all the known XPages / Mobile Controls / iOS 8 issues.

Sadly not that our Mobile Controls app works on iOS 8 we discovered a new issue that I blogged about the other day.  But that’s strictly an Apple problem.  Nothing to do with XPages.

Sounds like it’ll be available next week.

Big thanks to IBM for all the hard work in getting this out do fast!

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XPages and iOS8 Situation Update 2 – First Fix

Just to quickly recap the 3 problems that I know about.

1. Uploading photos to a web app doesn’t work.

2. XPages Mobile Controls don’t work

3. An Edit box with Typehead / drop down selection doesn’t work.


Problem 1 is clearly in Apple’s court.  Hopefully that will get fixed in 8.0.1

Problem 2 is being investigated by IBM as we speak.  That’s all I know about that.  I have heard from others that Mobile controls will KINDA work if when tapping you hold your finger down for at least 10 seconds or so.  I’ve seen this work but not constantly for me.

Now the big one.  Issue 3.  We use typeahead a LOT so this is a big one for us as well.  It appears to me that 9.0.1 FixPack 2 completely fixes this!!!  Woo Hoo!!

So if that affects you, or you have other dojo related issues with iOS8 you might want to test FixPack 2 to see if that helps.  Just note that in addition to a more recent version of Dojo it also includes a new CKEditor which has caused some people problems I believe.

Good Luck





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Possible way to fix some of the XPages iOS8 issues.

This information comes from Sven Hasselbach.  I’ve not tried this myself.  Use at your own risk.


You can use other Dojo versions on a server by downloading the current version from

You have to unpack it into data/domino/js, rename it to dojo-1.10.1 and then copy the IBM stuff (folders “ibm” and “template”) to it

Resource Aggregation must be disabled and it requires a restart of the server.

Currently have running dojo 1.10.1 on a 8.5.3 Machine with the XSP of 9.0.0

This is more complex because of the resource aggregation

But keep in mind that this affects all apps on the server (the latest Dojo version found wins)
To prevent this, you can give it a “lower” version number and set it in the application in the XSP properties

Mobile Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 148: Getting XPages to talk to your phone

Today we get another great contributor in the form of Oliver Busse. His website is  He’s going to do a really neat demo of how to intergrate XPages with to send messages to a phone that has the PushOver App installed.

I think that it’s always nice to see how to mix XPages with other services.


Mobile Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 126: Appcelerator Tab Groups

In this show John Jardin, IBM Champion and mobile expert, comes back to continue his series on getting started with Appcelerator for Mobile Development.  Today he’ll talk about work with Tabs and Tab groups.

This show continues the foundations of Appcelerator.  It is planned to use XPages as a backend database once we get to that point.

Mobile Podcast

NotesIn9 125: Appcelerator: Working with Windows

In this show John Jardin comes back with Chapter 4 of his series on getting started with Appcelerator.

Mobile Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 123: Titanium Appcelerator – Getting Started

In this show John Jardin returns to start a series on Titanium Appcelerator. TA is a product for using Html and JavaScript to make native mobile applications for devices like iPhone and Androids.  John is currently running a series of posts on his blog about this and I wanted him to make some supplemental videos on it for NotesIn9.

This show really isn’t about XPages and that’s not a bad thing as I think being able to reuse the html and javascript skills that you and I are learrning via XPages with a whole new product like Appcelerator is a great thing. But if you’re a hard core XPager there’s no need to fear.  John does have plans to eventually use XPages as a backend database for an Appcelerator application.  So stay tuned!

Mobile Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 121: Implementing Dojo Scrollable Pane with XPages Mobile Controls

In this show, Keith Stickland, a great new contributor, comes on with an awesome demo on how to add newer Dojo features to an XPages Mobile Controls application.  He’ll show you how to create a fixed bottom tab bar – something that can’t be done with just the Mobile controls themselves.