Mobile XPages

Possible way to fix some of the XPages iOS8 issues.

This information comes from Sven Hasselbach.  I’ve not tried this myself.  Use at your own risk.


You can use other Dojo versions on a server by downloading the current version from

You have to unpack it into data/domino/js, rename it to dojo-1.10.1 and then copy the IBM stuff (folders “ibm” and “template”) to it

Resource Aggregation must be disabled and it requires a restart of the server.

Currently have running dojo 1.10.1 on a 8.5.3 Machine with the XSP of 9.0.0

This is more complex because of the resource aggregation

But keep in mind that this affects all apps on the server (the latest Dojo version found wins)
To prevent this, you can give it a “lower” version number and set it in the application in the XSP properties