Mobile XPages

XPages and iOS8 Situation Update 2 – First Fix

Just to quickly recap the 3 problems that I know about.

1. Uploading photos to a web app doesn’t work.

2. XPages Mobile Controls don’t work

3. An Edit box with Typehead / drop down selection doesn’t work.


Problem 1 is clearly in Apple’s court.  Hopefully that will get fixed in 8.0.1

Problem 2 is being investigated by IBM as we speak.  That’s all I know about that.  I have heard from others that Mobile controls will KINDA work if when tapping you hold your finger down for at least 10 seconds or so.  I’ve seen this work but not constantly for me.

Now the big one.  Issue 3.  We use typeahead a LOT so this is a big one for us as well.  It appears to me that 9.0.1 FixPack 2 completely fixes this!!!  Woo Hoo!!

So if that affects you, or you have other dojo related issues with iOS8 you might want to test FixPack 2 to see if that helps.  Just note that in addition to a more recent version of Dojo it also includes a new CKEditor which has caused some people problems I believe.

Good Luck