Mobile XPages

XPages and iOS8 Update #6 – The Fix is HERE!!!

IBM has officially released an Interim FixPack to correct the Mobile Controls issue!  Horaay!  As I said in a previous blog we got this a tad early and have deployed it and that has corrected all the XPages specific issues of iOS 8 devices talking to our Mobile Controls application.

Also in this fix are some other key security fixes for issues that’s been discussed heavily recently.

Here’s the link.  Go get it!

It looks like what is in this fixpack was a lot of work.  So a BIG thanks to the teams at IBM for getting this out as soon as they did!


FYI – I’m not an admin but I believe this is specific to Domino 9.0.1 FP2. So you need to be on that level.  But let’s face it.  That’s the best version to be on anyway.


Also – Big thanks to Steven Podrouzek for sending me the link that saved me time from having to dig through my Twitter history.