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NotesIn9 90: XPages Google Hangout

This is a different show NotesIn9. I’m basically re-broadcasting a Google Hangout that Chris Toohey put together with a couple of us discussing XPages. The panel includes Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher as well as myself and Chris. So no real tips here. Just about 50 minutes worth of XPages talk.

Chris might continue to do these with different people or topics. So if you want to keep up with that then follow him on twitter or via his website. I don’t currently plan on rebroadcasting any more via NotesIn9. I’m just doing it here because
1. It’s new and I want to make sure people know about this.
2. Everybody on the show is a Ni9 Alumni! Yay!!!
3. This makes it easy for someone to download it off line until Chris comes up with his own solution
4. It’s an easy show to help me get to that magic 99 number! haha

Driveto99 Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 89: Basic XPages Troubleshooting

In this show, Kate, a NotesIn9 viewer, emailed me about a problem she was having. Kate is new to XPages and she was able to create a cut down database showing the problem. She sent it to me so I could take a look at it. While she thought the problem was related to scoped variables it was really in how she was using the link control.

In this show I’ll explain the problem and solution as well has how to troubleshoot it and where to go for help.

Disclaimer: I always try and answer email from viewers – but I only very rarely actively troubleshoot a problem like this. Kate needed help and I needed a show idea. So a win/win. ūüôā I will always TRY and help where I can – but for highly technical questions/problems I recommend tag “xpages” or the XPages Forum.

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NotesIn9 88: Using Google Maps with XPages

In this episode we welcome another a brand new contributor! I’m excited to get Martin Meijer on the show to talk about the XPages Google Maps custom control that he created for He’ll show what you can do with it and how to use it.

Driveto99 Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 87: Getting started with XPages REST Custom Control

In this show Brian Moore returns to talk to us about using the XPages REST custom control. This control is found in either the Update Pack or the Ext. Library itself. He also talks a bit about using JSON and validating and testing your JSON and REST code.

In other notes, I was recently featured on the Taking Notes Podcast. This is a podcast run by Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux. Past NotesIn9 contributors, Paul Calhoun and Marky Roden were also on as well. We had a great discussion on NotesIn9 and I want to thank Bruce, Julian, Paul and Marky for their time and interest!

Listen to the podcast here.

Lastly, while we were recording the show I noticed that we hit 150,000 total downloads/views of NotesIn9 content. That’s pretty good I think for XPages based material and I keep seeing increasing interest in the technology.

Big thanks to all the contributors for making this all possible!

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NotesIn9 86: Sharing Managed Beans in XPages Part 3

In this show Russ Maher concludes his three part series on sharing Bean data inside your XPages applicaton. ¬†In today’s show he’ll talk about using Managed Properties.

Over the course of this series Russ has taught us a lot about Beans, Java, XPages/JSF concepts like variable resolvers and now Managed Properties for Beans.

I want to thank Russ very much for contributing all this great material to NotesIn9. I really appreciate it and I’m sure others have as well.

UPDATE: DEMO FILE for the show

Part 1

Part 2

Driveto99 Java Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 085: Sharing Managed Beans in XPages Part 2

In this show Russ Maher comes back on with the 2nd part his 3 part series on creating and working with Java managed Beans in XPages. ¬†While the purpose of this episode is to share data between multiple beans, and it’s not a pure “getting started with beans”, there’s a lot of good beginner information in here on how you can use beans and Russ also does a really good discussion on Java Maps. I like that he even talks about this code:


and describes what each piece really means.  Russ will also introduce the concept of variable resolver which seems to be very popular with the advanced XPages developers.

This content should not be missed for an XPages Developer.

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 3

Click here for Demo File

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NotesIn9 83: Using the XPages Dynamic View Control Part 2

In this show Paul Calhoun comes back on to continue where he left off in part 1 and shows us how to get the dynamic view control working with the layout control.

Before we get to Pauls demo, I also discuss a couple of things.  The first is a review of how to navigate the various NotesIn9 resources on the web Р,, and and the second is a little discussion on Scoped Variables and some best practices in my opinion.

Demo file for the show

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NotesIn9 82: XPages Keyboard Accessibility Tip

In this show  Michael Stewart from IBM, a NEW CONTRIBUTOR, comes on the show to demonstrate a tip on making XPages accessible to a keyboard user.

By the way: Big Happy birthday today to 2 great XPage developers and contributors!

Mark Hughes

Chris Toohey

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NotesIn9 81: XPages File Upload Hack

This is an odd show for me, because it’s more about something that I’ve been struggling with and a discussion of the problem and I don’t have a demo of the solution. I now think I know how to get the solution so you’ll definately see it on a future show, but this is more about trying to make an awareness of the issue and a demo of how this is solved in a different application.

Also since I’m struggling with this stuff, and have not done a lot with uploading files yet please feel free to comment if I’m missing anything.

The problem is the file upload control. It doesn’t always work – especially inside mobile controls, and now that Apple’s iOS6 allows you to natively upload pictures from the device I really want to take advantage of that. To upload an attachment I believe you must use a full refresh rather then a partial refresh. But even if you might set it for a full refresh it’s not working inside mobile controls and apparantly the ext. library dialog. So when I get stuck I search for help and found a great blog post AND video that Chris Toohey did back in 2011. I asked Chris if I could re-run his demo for the NotesIn9 audience and he said go for it.

So this show is about a problem getting file upload to work inside a dialogbox which I’m pretty sure is the same problem inside mobile controls. Chris will demo the workaround which is to use an HTML iframe element.

IBM is aware of the issue I’m having with using file upload inside Mobile Controls and are investigating. I thank them very much for that.

P.S. This show ends NotesIn9 week. I hope you enjoyed it. No shows next week as I’m away for vacation but I’ll be starting back up once I get back. Thanks for watching!!!

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NotesIn9 80: Getting Started with the XPages Social Enabler

Here’s a first for NotesIn9. Not only are we getting yet another brand new contributor that I’ve wanted to get on the show since LAST Lotusphere. And not only is this person from IBM which is just really cool to see on Ni9. And not only is this person the lead of my favorite software product – Domino Designer. But….


So a big happy birthday and NotesIn9 welcome to Dan O’Connor!! Dan is a great guy that I had the pleasure of working with a bit last year as I helped to put together the 2nd XPages Cheatsheet that was focused on Social Tools.

In this show Dan first talks about the Social Enabler and what it is and means. Then he goes into a demo on how you might go about connecting your xpages application to something like DropBox or Connections or Twitter.