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NotesIn9 90: XPages Google Hangout

This is a different show NotesIn9. I’m basically re-broadcasting a Google Hangout that Chris Toohey put together with a couple of us discussing XPages. The panel includes Paul Calhoun and Russ Maher as well as myself and Chris. So no real tips here. Just about 50 minutes worth of XPages talk.

Chris might continue to do these with different people or topics. So if you want to keep up with that then follow him on twitter or via his website. I don’t currently plan on rebroadcasting any more via NotesIn9. I’m just doing it here because
1. It’s new and I want to make sure people know about this.
2. Everybody on the show is a Ni9 Alumni! Yay!!!
3. This makes it easy for someone to download it off line until Chris comes up with his own solution
4. It’s an easy show to help me get to that magic 99 number! haha