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NotesIn9 079: How to use the XPages Dynamic View Panel Control

NotesIn9 welcomes long time speaker but first time contributor Paul Calhoun to the show.

Paul is an amazing teacher and he’ll show us how to use the Dynamic View Control. This is a control from the XPages Extension Library that can basically auto-create views for you. Say you have 15 views in your application. Previously you might have to make 15 xpages or custom controls to show them all. Well no longer! The Dynamic View Panel Control can make the views automatically for you. This saves you lots of time! Hmmm Sounds like an infommercial really.

But hold on there’s more!! Paul will also show you how you can individually customize these automatically built views. That’s right friends! Don’t wait! Click on the video now to be amazed!


Download the DEMO FILE.

UPDATE: Per Lausten pointed me to this StackOver Flow article which discussed the Customizer Bean. Be sure not to miss the links to work done by Jesse Gallagher (who I’m trying to get on NotesIn9 himself). Jesse’s project is meant to try and make the dynamic panels replicate the original views more closely.

Driveto99 Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 078: XPages and Counting Clicks

In this show Niklas Heidloff comes back to take another look at a technique used in the website. He will show how they keep a count of what articles people are clicking on.

Just wanted to say another big thanks to Niklas for contributing these videos to NotesIn9 and to the team from for creating the application in the first place.

Driveto99 Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9: 077 Data Caching Tips from

This is part 2 of the Making of This is is an aggregation website of relevant news and articles for IBM Collaboration Solutions. In this show Niklas Heidloff shows us how they speed up the site with data caching techniques. In order to maximize performance this site caches view data into memory by using a Java bean. This means that in can render pages from memory rather then having to hit a view index on disc all the time.
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What are Java Beans?

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NotesIn9 076: What are Java Beans?

In this show I attempt to tackle the “forbidden topic”. Yep. Java. Me talk about Java. It’s unexpected. I know. This show is an expanded version of parts of a presentation that I did at MWLug.

I first talk about some of the tools available to the XPages developer and when you might want or not want to use some.

Then I get into the meat of the show – Java Beans. I try and explain exactly what they are and show what they look like. I talk about managed and “unmanaged” beans and go through what they look like and a little bit on how they can be used.

This is a “getting to know them” type show. Not an indepth getting started on building them. I didn’t intend to do this show quite yet but I’m getting some great contributions as part of the Drive to 99 Event that are starting to talk about Java beans so I wanted to get this little intro out.

There’s lots more Java Beans stuff coming. If you can’t wait Jeremy Hodge did 3 shows for NotesIn9 that are highly recommended. I’ll probably be doing my attempt and an indepth intro to Java in the near future as well.

If you have any questions please ask.

P.S. This show is about 36 minutes and I got it in 1 take! BOO YAY!! 🙂

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NotesIn9 075: Intro to XPages and Relational Databases Part 2

In this show John Jardin comes back on to expand on his part 1 episode. He’ll demonstrate more XPages and Relational Data integration and show you how to make things a little more flexible.

The first part can be found here.

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NotesIn9 074: Getting started with jQuery Plugins in XPages

In this show Dr. Mark Roden from returns to NotesIn9 to show us how to get started with adding a typical jQuery Plugin to our XPages applications. There are probably thousands of plugins available for jQuery and they can be used to enhance your website.

I also talk about the current open nomination period for elections. If you have time and desire please consider getting involved in OpenNTF. It’s a worthwhile resource.


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NotesIn9 073: The Making of

In this episode Niklas Heldloff from IBM and comes on the show to talk about the brand new community site:

Niklas was one of the team that built this site.  This is the first part of a series of videos that detail what the site is and how various pieces were built.  This video focuses on what features the site contains and how you might go about setting up your own version when it becomes available.

Big thanks to the team that created this site.  I think this is a huge contribition to the community, not only the site itself, but the code – which should make it to OpenNTF in a couple weeks or so.  I think this will be an app that you’ll want to pick apart to see how it was built.

Also I want to thank Niklas for taking the time to make the video and joining me on the “Drive to 99”!!!

UPDATE: I made a mistake on the Slide for Niklas’s website. I typed in http://heidloff.ntf when it should be Sorry about that!