NotesIn9 206: Rest Servlets

In this episode, OpenNTF Board Member and long time IBM Champion, Paul Withers returns with a great show on how to get starting building REST Servlets inside an EXTERNAL Library. ┬áThis is a longer show as getting started with Libraries is a little involved but believe me it’s so worth it. ┬áJust like you take advantage of the Extension Library you can now make your own custom library.


Driveto99 Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 87: Getting started with XPages REST Custom Control

In this show Brian Moore returns to talk to us about using the XPages REST custom control. This control is found in either the Update Pack or the Ext. Library itself. He also talks a bit about using JSON and validating and testing your JSON and REST code.

In other notes, I was recently featured on the Taking Notes Podcast. This is a podcast run by Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux. Past NotesIn9 contributors, Paul Calhoun and Marky Roden were also on as well. We had a great discussion on NotesIn9 and I want to thank Bruce, Julian, Paul and Marky for their time and interest!

Listen to the podcast here.

Lastly, while we were recording the show I noticed that we hit 150,000 total downloads/views of NotesIn9 content. That’s pretty good I think for XPages based material and I keep seeing increasing interest in the technology.

Big thanks to all the contributors for making this all possible!