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NotesIn9 141: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown

This is a VERY DIFFERENT NotesIn9.  It’s less of a normal show and more if a response to a recent blog post regarding one persons opinion on the value of Java in XPages and the Value of the UI vs the backend. Actually this show is more of a really long “rant”.

This show could absolutely suck.  I pretty much broke all my rules and tried to have fun with it.  I do give my thoughts on things so maybe there’s at least a little value there.

There’s no Demo.  There is only the trainwreck.

I would say that if you do give it a shot.  Stick around for the end. That’s when I get my most immature.  For the first time ever there’s even a few bloopers at the very end.  No not me, but one of the cast members.

I want to thank Mark Roden for the original post.  Please check out the comments.  There’s a lot of good information in there.  Here’s the shortlink:

I hope you like it.