Community Notes In 9

Wow! Show 141 Recap/

I’ll admit I was a little nervous about the last show.  It’s been a long time since I got a little “Rowdy” on the show.  Maybe too long.

First I want to thank everyone for all the feedback via comments, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I think this is the first NotesIn9 that someone (Russ Maher) actually live tweeted while watching. Thanks for the kind feedback to my kids as well.  We all had a good time making the show.  Though I am worried they might actually want to Unionize!

I also want to thank Mark Roden for the original post (See it at: )  There’s a lot of great comments there and it’s a good topic for the community. He was such a good sport with me having some fun at his expense.  Don’t miss his followup post and awesome VIDEO here:  

Wonderful stuff!!

While I always wanted NotesIn9 to be about the content and never about “me”.  The response to the show makes me wonder if over the years it’s gotten too “sterile”.  I used to add a little more fun here and there in the early episodes.  I’ll be pondering that for a bit.

I don’t have great stats overall, but I know that this show hit 500 views/downloads in about 24 hours.  I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me.  That tells me something very important.  That you all like my kids more then you do me! hahaha

So in order to give you a little kid “encore”, I’m posting the links to a couple of videos I made with them a while back.  – XPages.Info Commercial – Sharepoint vs Domino  (Matt is playing “the Cousin from Texas”)


Thanks for watching!