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NotesIn9 140: SourceTree Deep Dive

In this episode Paul Withers comes back on the show for a deeper look at using SourceTree and Git Flow. This comes from the session he did with Declan Lynch at IBM Connect.  In that session they ran out of time so this should fill in some of the missing pieces that they didn’t get to cover.

I use SourceTree and HG Flow which is the Mercurial version of Git Flow in my Day Job all the time.  While there are some quirks due to Designer and you do need to be careful and understand what’s going on, it is a really nice Source Control solution and I recommend it to any Developer.

Information on the original SNT session which included slides on setting up local servers if you don’t want to use something like BitBucket or GitHub can be found here:

P.S. I’m sitting at the Philly airport and uploaded this show from my iPhone.  Don’t ya just love technology sometimes?  haha