NotesIn9 181: Appcelerator Event Listeners

In this show, IBM Champ, John Jardin returns with a great demo on Appcelerator Event Listeners.



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NotesIn9 141: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown

This is a VERY DIFFERENT NotesIn9.  It’s less of a normal show and more if a response to a recent blog post regarding one persons opinion on the value of Java in XPages and the Value of the UI vs the backend. Actually this show is more of a really long “rant”.

This show could absolutely suck.  I pretty much broke all my rules and tried to have fun with it.  I do give my thoughts on things so maybe there’s at least a little value there.

There’s no Demo.  There is only the trainwreck.

I would say that if you do give it a shot.  Stick around for the end. That’s when I get my most immature.  For the first time ever there’s even a few bloopers at the very end.  No not me, but one of the cast members.

I want to thank Mark Roden for the original post.  Please check out the comments.  There’s a lot of good information in there.  Here’s the shortlink:

I hope you like it.


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NotesIn9 – 021 – Combine Client and Server Side Code

In this episode I’m going to give thanks to two people who helped me with the content for this show.

First I’ll be talking about a bug in XPages dealing with Dates – specifically @Now(). Then I’ll show how to use the onComplete event handler to combine Server Side and Client Side Code.