XPages No Experience Needed Starter Kit files

At IBM Connect I presented a Show and Tell session with Kathy Brown called “SHOW 111 –  XPages: No Experience Needed”.

The goal of this session was not to through the kitchen sink and a throw a lot of eye candy at the app.  The goal was to try and get people familiar with key XPages tools and concepts.  The App Layout control, formTables and formRows, Combo Boxes, Scoped Variables, passing properties into Custom Controls, etc…

Here is the download kit for that session.

This contains the slides, some script snippets, the starter application and the more finished application.

It is our intention to do a NotesIn9 video of the bulk of this session.  Since I’ve not had 2 voices on a show at the same time we’re working on how to best make that happen.  But you should see something pretty soon I hope.

Thanks to those that were in the session and took time to fill out evaluations.  The comments were really nice to read.  I also want to thank Gab Davis and Paul Mooney for their advice through out the process.  And a big thanks to Kathy for coming up with the idea, and being a really great partner to work with!!