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NotesIn9 100: XPages – Modernize Yourself!

Welcome to the 100th Episode!!! This show is pretty much my actual session from IBM Connect. Unfortunately there were no room monitors and I ended up running a little long.
Here is the original Abstract:

XPages Development:  Modernize yourself!

Theres a lot of tools available to the XPages Developer. @Formulas, Server and Client side JavaScript, Expression Language, Java, and even Source Control are the tools of the trade these days. But which tools should you use?  Which should be avoided and why?  Come to this session and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. See how easy it is to go from @Formulas and LotusScript to JavaScript.  Learn how to get started with new tools and concepts like Java and Source Control. Find out what resources are available to go further. Before you can modernize your applications you need to modernize yourself!

In this show I look at several really important topics for the XPages Developer.  I talk about how you need to change you’re thinking when approaching XPages applications and why that’s important. I also talk about the different languages in XPages and how similar some are and when you should use some instead of others.
In the beginning of this show, in what I think is the most important part really, I talk about how you can actually learn more about XPages by SHARING more!  Bascially I implore you to either blog, or post to the forum or wiki.  And for your convenience I’ve already anticipated your excuses for not doing so and succesfully debunked them all.  haha
That section starts at 24:52.  So if you do nothing else – watch that little bit please.  I think it’s that important.

In the code section near the end I talk about Expression Language and show you how to use that and even Custom Language.  But the best bit I think is how to use a Managed Java bean to toggle between Edit and Read mode for your fields and save data from the Bean itself.

The bad part about this show is that I ran WAY too long.  People always say you talk faster live and here’s proof.  This 60 minute session became an 80 minute NotesIn9!  This actually beats my 73 minute Introduction to XPages show.  I really thought about throwing this away since it’s so long but the Intro to XPages is my most popular show.  So since this is done, I figure I’ll release this and see what happens. I’ve actually reviewed this to try and see what happened, and other then a little stumble or two I don’t think it’s too bad.  I did get lost for a minute in the demo section…  it was late.

So anyway, I’m sorry this is so long, but here it is.  I hope you like it.