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NotesIn9 Live! Coming to IBM Connect

Next week I’ll be speaking at IBM Connect.  I’m presenting 3 times.  When speaking at Lotusphere I’ve always had awesome partners.  Long before I worked with him I presented with Declan Lynch in 2010 on CSS and Themes.  Then in 2011 I teamed up with Paul Withers and even though he made me wear a Karate headband we had a lot of fun with a Dojo session. Now I’m really excited to present with the wonderful Kathy Brown from PSC.  Not only is Kathy an excellent speaker and developer – she also runs more in a week then I drive my car.

We’ll be presenting a Show and Tell on Monday at 4:30 – 6:15 in Swan Osprey 1-2.

SHOW111: XPages: No Experience Needed

Want to build an XPages application, but not sure how? Kathy and Dave will show you how to build a sample help desk application from start to finish. Step by Step they will show you how to create, read, update, and delete tickets. Along the way you’ll be introduced the most common XPages concepts like SSJS, Custom Controls, View and Repeat Controls, Extension Library, CSS frameworks, and much more. Go home with a working application that you can use today!

This is a very beginner session.  We’re going to try and show you how to build an app with XPages.  Rather then throwing the kitchen sink at it, we’re going to try and focus on the “meat and potatoes” aspect.  Using App Layout control and form tables.  Working in the Source pane, creating reusable custom controls, and more.  I hope you like it. My goal is to try and introduce the new XPage developer to the toolset and try and establish a comfort zone of what the pieces are and how to use them.

Then for the first time ever I’ll be presenting a solo session. This session is on Tuesday and <GASP> repeats!  The first one is at 10:00 in Swan Mockingbird 1-2 and the other is at 5:30 in Swan Pelican 1-2

BP202: XPages Development: Modernize Yourself!

There are a lot of tools available to the XPages developer. @Formulas, Server and Client-side JavaScript, Expression Language, Java, and even Source Control are the “tools of the trade” these days. But which tools should you use? Which should be avoided and why? Come to this session and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. See how easy it is to go from @Formulas and LotusScript to JavaScript. Learn how to get started with new tools and concepts like Java and Source Control. Find out what resources are available to go further. Before you can modernize your applications, you need to modernize yourself!

This session is also geared for the newish XPages Developer but hopefully will be good for the Intermediate Dev who might have plateaued.   I’m going to talk about why you want to learn XPages and methods and resources you can use. XPages is not the Notes Client and if you don’t adjust your approach a bit, you might run into problems. We’re going to look at what tools and languages are available and how it’s not that difficult to move from one to another. And finally we’re going to look at some example code in Java Beans that I think is a pretty modern approach to building a report.

Public Service Announcement:

Just to help anyone who might be on the fence with planning their schedules.  I’d say that there’s a REALLY REALLY GOOD chance these sessions will hit NotesIn9 in some shape or form.  So I’d love to see you there, but if you do have a conflict with another XPages session and are torn as to which one to go to, keep that in the back of your mind.  Just don’t skip out for some dumb Admin session! 🙂

Thanks.  I do hope you like the presentations.