The Social Side of IBM Connect is Confusing me.

I just don’t know what all sites to use to maximize this conference.  There’s the one we always had:  and now there this new vivastream push for some reason. I think there’s a 3rd site that I’m forgetting about at the moment – maybe it’s…  I don’t know.

On top of that VivaStream is currently showing speedgeeking at 5:00 and the conference pocket guide is showing it at 6:30.  So who do you trust?

There’s checkin sites, photo sites I assume, unofficial scheduling apps…  not sure what else there is.  For twitter I know they want the “official” hashtag to be #IBMConnect and personally I think it’s too long so I might end up using #IC13. I just think #IBMConnect takes up too much space of the message.

I’m not trying to be snarky, and there’s no hidden gripe or message.  I’m a speaker who is also just a dumb customer and I have no idea what to use, why to use it and when we might want to use something. It’s like we need a cheatsheet of all these conference tools which you would think in theory is supposed to make the conference easier.

If someone could just tell me what is and is not important I’d sure appreciate it.

P.S. As for being “social” – I’m looking forward to meeting people face to face.  If people have questions for me on any of my sessions my email and twitter (@DavidLeedy) will be on the slides and is also on every single NotesIn9.