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The NotesIn9 CheatSheet

IBM Connect, the conference formerly known as Lotusphere, is closing in.  Once again I’ll dusting off “NotesIn9 Live” and will be actually presenting during the show.  I’m doing 2 sessions this year.  The first is a Show and Tell called “SHOW 111 XPages: No Experience Needed”.  I’m presenting that with the awesome Kathy Brown. I’m also presenting “BP202 XPages Development: Modernize Yourself!”  But I’ll talk more about these sessions in a future post.

Today I wanted to release my internal “NotesIn9 Contributor, Sponsor, Advertising Cheatsheet”.  This is a document that I typically send to the great people who contribute to the show.  Since they take time out to do something for the community I like to try and make it as easy for them as possible.

NotesIn9 Contributor Cheatsheet

I’m getting more and more people asking me either, how to contribute to the show,  or what tips do I have for their own screencasting projects. So I wanted to put this out for any one who’s interested.  Even if you don’t want to contribute to the show, but are interested in screencasting – hopefully this will be helpful to you.

I’m looking forward to Connect and meeting people.  Please don’t be afraid to just come up and say hi!  I do like talking to and meeting new people!!

I also wanted to post this ahead of time to get YOU thinking about the possibility of contributing to the show. My hope is that maybe YOU will read it and realize that  it’s not that difficult to record YOUR screen. So I’d also be interested in talking to YOU about being on the show, or in helping YOU come up with a means of sharing information that works for YOU.

Often people will say to me:

  1. “I have nothing to share.”
  2. “I can do something but it’s not like I’m an expert”.
  3. “This has been posted before so there’s no point of me posting it.”
  4. “This has been posted before and I don’t want to take away from the original poster”.
  5. “This is too easy. Everyone knows this”

To each of those excuses I call BUNK!

  1. Everyone has something to share.  If it took you 5 minutes to figure something out it might take someone else (probably me) 10 minutes.  So you might just save someone 50% of their time.
  2. No one is an expert on everything. It doesn’t matter.  If you post something and it’s not perfect then guess what?  Someone will probably comment on it and then you and anyone who follows the post will learn.  It’s “Social Education”
  3. So what if it’s been posted before.  People forget, Google does not always find everything, and new XPagers keep coming in.  Have you ever heard the expression “The more the merrier?”
  4. When someone posts something they WANT to share it.  Don’t feel like you can’t do a topic because someone else did.  Everyone has their own voice.  Some people learn better from a different voice.  Several NotesIn9’s came from other peoples blog posts. Just link back to the original article as a courtesy.
  5. There is no such thing as “Too easy” or “everyone knows this”.

So please – if you’re nervous or scared about blogging, posting in the forum, creating videos just talk to me.  I have all those things memorized. 🙂 Regardless I’d love to meet you at Connect no matter what.  If you want to talk about contributing we can do that also.

The cheatsheet also has a section for potential advertiser’s or sponsors.  So if you’re interested in that I’d love to talk to you also.

Finally – It looks like IBM will be re-printing the Original XPages Cheatsheet and the XPages Social tools cheatsheet. So look at for them if interested!  Since I’m doing 2 sessions I’m not doing a 3rd cheatsheet this year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a brand new one at Connect.  Paul Withers has created something really cool.  I won’t say the topic yet until he does – but I suspect you’re going to want more then one copy of his new cheatsheet!

Thanks for the interest in NotesIn9!