End of the Road

I wanted to make some really long and eloquent post that reviewed the year and especially the end of the “Drive to 99”. But for various reasons (Slide prep for Connect, a failing Drobo FS, a server with problems, family commitments, etc) I think I’ll skip eloquent for “just getting something out there”. 🙂

2012 was a great year for me from a professional standpoint. I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I was named an IBM Champion again and there is no actual hard proof that my code has crashed a server at the day job! 🙂 On a personal level I’ve made some great new friends.

NotesIn9 really exploded this year. I think I previously tweeted that Ni9 produced 60 episodes – but that was incorrect. I forgot that I converted the 12 Extended Editions into the normal show number list.

So the final tally is that Ni9 produced 48 shows for 2012. Still a great number I think. I don’t have a yearly hour count but total show time is up over 27 hours from 23 different contributors. And man the contributors are awesome! They make NotesIn9 what it is and I can’t thank them enough!!

The power of the contributors was very evident when I did my end of year event called “Drive to 99”. In about 90 days, we added over 10 hours of content in 28 shows! That success was made possible by the people in this community willing to take time and share what they know. I believe 8 brand new contributors joined in for that event and it was wonderful to have them on the show. I talked to many others that were interested but just didn’t have time so hopefully we’ll continue to see new names in the future.

The Drive to 99 event ended with a special show from IBM’s Dan O’Connor. That show featured the Domino Designer 9.0 Beta preview. That beta is available now for anyone that’s interested in it. That episode came out in the middle of December and has already been viewed/downloaded more then 1,000 times! Simply amazing!

A couple other stats I like to keep track of and share:

Introduction to XPages has been viewed/downloaded almost 13,000 times now! While obviously people are watching that more then once I continue to see new people coming to XPages and even new to Notes people coming on board.

I see over 161,000 total views/downloads for all the NotesIn9 shows! Not too shabby for this little podcast that’s mostly focused on XPages.

It’s kinda neat that Ni9 is being mentioned in a series of articles along side other podcasts. Here are links to those articles if anyone is interested.


What’s next for NotesIn9 for 2013? I have a couple ideas but at the moment it’s hard to think past IBM Connect. I suspect Ni9 will be on hiatus until after IBM Connect. I’ll be blogging more on my sessions in a little bit.  Once the conference is over we’ll see what the future brings and where the next road will go.

Thanks for watching the show!  I do really appreciate that and I always appreciate any feedback.

Have a happy and safe New Years!