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NotesIn9 185: XPages and IBM Bluemix Part 2

In this show IBM Champion Oliver Busse returns to talk more about using XPages inside IBM Bluemix.


Bluemix Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 184: XPages and Bluemix Part1

In this show, IBM Champion and all around awesome person, Oliver Busse returns to kick off a three part series on using XPages with IBM Bluemix.

Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 183: Thinking Different In XPages

Ok, this show is a little different. Well..  a LOT different.

In case you didn’t know, David Navarre runs an EXCELLENT blog at He recently made a post that I thought was rather interesting :

Writing and speaking about your code might actually make it better

It should come as no surprise that I 100% believe in the title of the post. In that post David talks about a coding challenge that he recently had to deal with.

I began to comment on his post and once I realized it was going to get a little “long winded” I figured I’d just make a show out of it.  Lot less typos that way!  🙂

Anyway this show doesn’t really have a true “demo”, but I discuss his post and solution to his problem and then talk a little bit about a possible alternate solution and why you might want to consider that.

Big thanks to David for not only running a great blog and videoing sessions at MWLug but also being a really good guy!

Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 178 : XPages Bootstrap Date Picker Part 1

In this show John Jardin returns with another great XPages meets Bootstrap show.  Today he’ll show us how to get a better date picker for your XPages applications.

Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 176: Categorizing Repeat Controls

In this show, brand new contributor, Bill Fox comes on to give a really interesting demo on Categorizing Repeat Controls.  He’ll show repeat controls with 1, 2 and 3 levels of categorization.  There’s a lot of other techniques in here as well. He’ll use custom controls with custom properties, View Navigators, Computed CSS stlyes and more.

Hope you like it!

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NotesIn9 172: XPages Java Debugging

In this show XPages “Professor” and IBM Champion, Mr. Paul Withers returns for an in depth look at how to use the Java Debugger to step through the Java code in your XPages applications.  In the beginning and end of the show he’ll also talk about OpenLog which was originally an AMAZING project from Julian Robichaux that Paul has enhanced for the XPages world.

This show finally sees a slightly different format that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. We did this demo via Gotomeeting so I was able to talk to Paul and ask some questions throughout the demo.  I’m hoping this will be a benefit for certain topics and maybe even certain speakers – especially new ones that might not feel comfortable in doing a demo solo.  So really there should be no more excuses. 🙂

Let me know what you think!



Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 168 – Updating Source Control for Page Controllers

In today’s show I take a break from the Learning XPages series and do a little demo on updating a project in source control.  So it kind of goes with the Learning XPages series but really isn’t part of it.

The Learning XPages series is going on a little break while I work on a more important holiday project – but hopefully that project will turn into shows as well.

As always let me know if you have any comments or questions.


Java Learning XPages Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 167: Learning XPages Part 8 – Working towards CRUD

In this show I continue on to the goal of CRUD. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. By the end of this show we should be able to achieve all 4 actions against the Company document.

I’ve not done anything to really make this app look pretty yet.  Honestly I’ve given the UI very little thought so far.  I’m trying to just focus on the core functionality at the moment so the UI stuff doesn’t distract.  I do want to better integrate Bootstrap to clean up the UI at some point when it makes sense.

Note: I’ve been pushing a bunch of these shows out quickly. I filmed them a while back in one evening. I believe I have one more small one then I’ll probably take a little break from this series as I have another personal XPages project that must be ready by Thanksgiving.

Java Learning XPages Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 166: Learning XPages Part 7 – Company Controller

In this show I demonstrate how to setup and set using a Java “Page Controller”.  This is a technique that Jesse Gallagher came up with and I absolutely love.  Without a doubt it saved me a TON of work on a recent day job assignment.  There’s a little effort involved in setting it up but it’s so worth it in the long run.



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NotesIn9 164: Learning XPages Part 5 – Application Properties

In this show we actually go into Designer and create a new database that we’re going to be working with for our application and I have a little discussion on some of the application properties that are useful for XPages Developement.

Some Notes:
This show is I believe the first in the new larger Full HD resolution of 1980×1020. This will let me get more on the screen but might be harder to see if you typically use a smaller device. Please let me know how this size works for you.

Also – I’m initially publishing this FIRST to YouTube. It’s not going to be available to off-line download for a little bit. I’ve run out of my monthly quota on Libsyn and don’t want to pay more to up it so close to the end of the month. To I’m trying this as an experiment rather then just waiting to publish it. In November I’m going to try a YouTube plugin that in theory should allow me to use just YouTube and still provide a link for an easy download. I’m just waiting for that to be released. If that works then I might be able to move just to YouTube BUT I would lose an RSS feed for the shows and especially lose iTunes. 🙁 So I’m not sure yet, just trying to find my options. Please let me know if anything there seems like it might be a problem for you.

Since this is Embedded YouTube – you probably want to play this on “full Screen” and it should use the resolution 1080p. If it doesn’t you should be able to change it. Anything lower will probably not look as sharp as usual. Like I said – this is an experiment.