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NotesIn9 183: Thinking Different In XPages

Ok, this show is a little different. Well..  a LOT different.

In case you didn’t know, David Navarre runs an EXCELLENT blog at He recently made a post that I thought was rather interesting :

Writing and speaking about your code might actually make it better

It should come as no surprise that I 100% believe in the title of the post. In that post David talks about a coding challenge that he recently had to deal with.

I began to comment on his post and once I realized it was going to get a little “long winded” I figured I’d just make a show out of it.  Lot less typos that way!  🙂

Anyway this show doesn’t really have a true “demo”, but I discuss his post and solution to his problem and then talk a little bit about a possible alternate solution and why you might want to consider that.

Big thanks to David for not only running a great blog and videoing sessions at MWLug but also being a really good guy!