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NotesIn9 164: Learning XPages Part 5 – Application Properties

In this show we actually go into Designer and create a new database that we’re going to be working with for our application and I have a little discussion on some of the application properties that are useful for XPages Developement.

Some Notes:
This show is I believe the first in the new larger Full HD resolution of 1980×1020. This will let me get more on the screen but might be harder to see if you typically use a smaller device. Please let me know how this size works for you.

Also – I’m initially publishing this FIRST to YouTube. It’s not going to be available to off-line download for a little bit. I’ve run out of my monthly quota on Libsyn and don’t want to pay more to up it so close to the end of the month. To I’m trying this as an experiment rather then just waiting to publish it. In November I’m going to try a YouTube plugin that in theory should allow me to use just YouTube and still provide a link for an easy download. I’m just waiting for that to be released. If that works then I might be able to move just to YouTube BUT I would lose an RSS feed for the shows and especially lose iTunes. šŸ™ So I’m not sure yet, just trying to find my options. Please let me know if anything there seems like it might be a problem for you.

Since this is Embedded YouTube – you probably want to play this on “full Screen” and it should use the resolution 1080p. If it doesn’t you should be able to change it. Anything lower will probably not look as sharp as usual. Like I said – this is an experiment.