NotesIn9 hits 63 hours of Free Video tutorials

I’m in the process of moving all my hosted video files to YouTube and updating the blog posts. Let me tell you this is a PAIN IN THE BUTT! But when it’s all said and done I should be able to cancel my video host account and save around $20 per month.

A little while ago, without my even asking, 2 people reached out to me to offer generic help. This was unexpected and meant a great deal to me as my websites and information is a mess and I’m just overwhelmed. Sadly I’ve been so busy and disorganized I barely have time to give them things to do.

However I recently did get some very key help from Tim Briley who gave me a key jumpstart in some video organizing needs. Thanks Tim! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the assistance. Tim is helping maintain a database of show information. With his help I’ve now migrated the first 100 episodes to YouTube and updated, I believe, all the corresponding blog posts. The rest will be rather slow going as I’ve got to upload maybe 50 shows to YouTube.

But tonight I was looking at my completed master show list which has all the show times. So I thought I’d get them into a spreadsheet and see where we stand.

Assuming my math is accurate then NotesIn9 has now produced 221,760 seconds of shows or to shorten it 63 hours of videos!

Wow! 🙂

Big thanks to all the contributors who helped make this possible!!!

P.S. Once I get all this clean up done I hope to actually get back to producing more show! Oh to dream. haha