Driveto99 Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 91: XPages Memory Profiling Part 1

In this show I will demonstrate how to install the YourKit Java profiling application on your Domino server. This application is used to detail the inner workings of the server and your XPages applications. Specifically it is supposed to help find memory leaks. Because the Domino objects that XPages use are based on Java and not LotusScript you must be aware of this and you must recycle Domino Objects. This is especially crucial in loops like “for” and “while”.

This is an odd show because I really don’t know much about this yet. I recorded the show at 5:30PM my time. I asked my first question about how to get started at 3:30PM. Nathan T Freeman very kindly got me started in the right direction so I could install it. So big thanks to Mr. NTF himself!!! Thanks to Jeremy Hodge as well for posting a key comment on Sean Cull’s blog.

So this show took 2 hours from beginning to learn about this for the first time to recording what I got so far – the install. I only mention that because I talk to a lot of potential contributors and commonly hear things like “I’m not an expert” or “I don’t know anything worth sharing”. So I’m trying to disprove that. I don’t yet really know how to check for memory leaks, which is the ultimate goal here, but so far I at least know how to install the evaluation copy of the YourKit app. I hope that this helps anyone else with the install. My plan is to do a second show relatively soon where I better demo how to use this app to find leaks. I just need to figure it out myself first. 🙂