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NotesIn9-EE-012: Creating PDF’s from XPages

In this show , the 12th Extended Edition, Brian Moore comes on as a new contributor to introduce us to the iText project and how we can use it to create PDF’s from XPages.

Extended Edition Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 Extended Edition 11: XPages SplitScreen – View and Document

In this show I take a question from a viewer who asked how you could have a view on the right, click on a document and be able to edit it on the left. I’ll demonstrate that by using a Repeat Control since I don’t like View Controls that much.

There’s quite a bit in here for the beginner. I create a repeat control, bind to a foreign database, control rendering of the document section, use simple actions and SSJS and even show the world how bad I am with CSS. 🙂

The viewer also wanted to be able to create NEW documents, but I’ll save that bit for a future show.

Hope you like it.


Extended Edition Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 Extended Edition: 010 Simple Repeats in XPages

I recently realized that of all the demos I’ve done on Repeat Controls, I’ve not done a simple one that actually looks like a table. There are a couple of ways to do this and in this show I demonstrate my prefered method. Along the way I talk about data binding formulas and working in the source pane as well.

This is a really basic show for those new to XPages. If you’ve been a long time viewer there might not be much new here.


Extended Edition Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9: EE 008 – XPages: One Man’s Journey

NotesIn9 Week continues with this episode in which Graham Acres comes on as a guest to talk about how he got started using XPages. I want to thank Graham very much for taking the time to record this presentation for NotesIn9.

Graham will talk about his journey into learning this new technology and then will show off a couple of interesting demo’s and tips.

When I first heard of this presentation, which I think he did for a Canadian user group, I thought that this might be really inspirational. Everyone who starts out learning XPages struggles with it. The first several weeks are the hardest. The way to get past that is to not get frustrated. Realize there is a roadmap to improving your skills and that you’re not alone out there. There are now a lot of great resources out there for XPages information. Here’s just a couple:

XPages Forum
XPages Blog
Designer Wiki

Again, a big thanks to Graham for his presentation.

Extended Edition Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9: EE 009 – Using Java HashMaps and TreeMaps with XPages

In this show I talk and demo ways to use Java HashMaps and TreeMaps with your XPages applications.


UPDATE: April 11, 2016 –

I was just now reviewing this older show.  I see one thing in the code that might work but I don’t think is quite right.

var myList:java.util.HashMap = new java.util.HashMap

That appears to be missing the “()” at the end.  It really should look like this:

var myList:java.util.HashMap = new java.util.HashMap()

and of course it’s a Map and not a List so a better variable name might have been “myMap”.

Extended Edition Notes In 9 Podcast

NotesIn9 053: Intro to Java for XPages Developers Part 2

This is the second show of the Intro to Java for XPages Developers series. Once again, Jeremy Hodge from comes on the show to help us learn how to integrate Java into our Xpages programming.

Extended Edition Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 052: Introduction to Java for XPages Developers

I’ve very excited to announce that for today’s show I have Jeremy Hodge on as a guest speaker! Jeremy is a great developer and friend to the Notes Community. He’s contributed many articles over on and his own blog is found here.

Starting with this episode, Jeremy is going to do a series of videos that is designed to Introduce Java to the XPages Developer.

I’ve been wanting to have a guest speaker on the show for a while and Jeremy’s done a a great job out of the gate with this very timely content. This really came from a couple of posts over on Sasa Brkic’s Blog last week.

I hope you like this Extended Edition.