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XPages Interest – It’s out there.

That other day I was looking at some stats for my NotesIn9 show – “Introduction to XPages“.

I thought it might be interesting to share the stats just of this 1 episode in an attempt to show the interest in XPages, at least from my tiny corner of the Internet – / XPages.TV. I picked this show because it’s kinda like a “Jumpstart”. Very intro level for people getting started.

Of course it’s not a TRUE picture of XPages Interest. There are probably lots of XPages devs that never found this video… these aren’t necessarily “Unique” users, and the numbers from the cross posts on YouTube / XPages.Info aren’t included…. but given all that, I think it’s good sign to see such strong demand for such a basic show on XPages. And of course I want to thank every body for watching the show!

Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9: Extended Edition 05: XPages CMS App Walkthrough

I’m really happy about this show because I have another great guest speaker.  Chris Connor has come one to take a look at a production application and then go into designer and talk about how some of the pieces work.

This is an Extended Edition so it’s a little longer and more detailed then the normal shows.  Chris opens up designer to show how some of the features on his website was built.  Lots of good nuggets of information in there.


Learning XPages? Here’s how to Cheat.

I won’t bore you with the entire back story of how this got started, so let’s just say that I blame it all on Joyce Davis from the Lotus Technical Education Community. 🙂 Anyway…

Most developers have seen “Cheat Sheets” before. They have them for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Blueprint CSS…  They even have them for Math subjects like Algebra,Calculus and Trig and other school type subjects…  You can buy pretty ones in bookstores… There are websites devoted to them… I could go on and on. Cheat sheets are everywhere.

So I thought to myself…  Why don’t we have a cheat sheet for XPages?

I think there’s a need for a one.  Anything that helps the XPages developer get a head start is a good thing right?  Heck, that’s the whole point of the NotesIn9 Podcast really.

So, several weeks ago I took it upon myself to ATTEMPT to create a cheat sheet for XPages.  This is the reason for the lack of NotesIn9 shows recently actually.  There’s only so many spare hours in the day.  🙂

Anyway, it’s not quite finished yet, but I wanted to post this early so people know to look for it at Lotusphere.  Joyce is getting them printed and will be giving them away.  It will be printed on 11×17 paper, both sides, and can be folded into a booklet. They will be available at the VideoFest Lounge which will be near the escalator I think.  They will also be available at the very least in my session with Paul Withers, “XPages: Enter the Dojo” as well as Tim Clark and Matt White’s session, and hopefully some others.  I’ll also try and have some on hand for speedgeeking.

This couldn’t have been done without the wonderful resources of the Lotus Community.  The bulk of the information came from various websites and blog posts.  I leaned heavily on Julian Buss’s great  Thanks Julian!  I also got many suggestions for improvements from my friends like Jeremy Hodge, Mark Hughes, Per Henrik Lausten, Kathy Brown, Mike McGarel and MANY others.

This will be available at Lotusphere and of course it’ll be on the web somewhere.  Probably in some of the wikis.  I’m not posting the full versions just yet simply because there’s still things getting adjusted and I have to test some of the code that I’m not familiar with. But rest assured this will be made available to all by Lotusphere

I hope this will be valuable resource for the XPages Developers out there.

Java Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 054: Intro To Java for XPages Developers – Part 3

In this show Jeremy Hodge comes back to continue his ongoing series on helping XPages Developers get started with Java.

If you like this video, please give it a rating for the Lotus VideoFest event.


Extended Edition Notes In 9 Podcast XPages

NotesIn9 052: Introduction to Java for XPages Developers

I’ve very excited to announce that for today’s show I have Jeremy Hodge on as a guest speaker! Jeremy is a great developer and friend to the Notes Community. He’s contributed many articles over on and his own blog is found here.

Starting with this episode, Jeremy is going to do a series of videos that is designed to Introduce Java to the XPages Developer.

I’ve been wanting to have a guest speaker on the show for a while and Jeremy’s done a a great job out of the gate with this very timely content. This really came from a couple of posts over on Sasa Brkic’s Blog last week.

I hope you like this Extended Edition.

Learning XPages Notes In 9 XPages

NotesIn9 – Episode 13 – XPages and XML

This week marks the last couple of days of Wiki Madness. In celebration of the end of what I think was a great event I’m celebrating with a weeks worth of new shows.

In today’s show I talk about XPages and especially the need to start becoming comfortable with the source window. Unlike traditional Notes Development where you only have an IDE, XPages allows you to access the actual XML source of the page. Watch how you can use that to your advantage and do a couple of simple things that can not be done in the IDE alone.

May the source be with you!

Also in this show is a couple of shout-outs to some recent additions to the Lotus Notes screencasting and podcasting world.
Tips In Two
The X Cast


One note about this show. It’s my first attempt using a new microphone. It’s called a Yeti. I’m not sure if I have it set right just yet. Certainly the keyboard came across too loud in this one. I think it’s better in tomorrow’s show.