What’s your Christmas Movie Play List?

At this time of year we look forward to watching our “standard” selection of Christmas movies.  Here’s our top holiday movies.

#1 has to be Christmas Vacation.  Good fun for all the family.  We’ll usually start the season with this movie and watch it again on or near Christmas Eve.  Just a great movie. Much better then the original Vacation movie.

#2 is probably the best Christmas movie ever in my opinion.  Unfortunately it’s Adults only, but Love Actually is just a wonderful movie. It’s my wife’s favorite movie of all time.  If it didn’t have the adult only parts it would be #1 on the list.

#3 is pure family movie.  It’s pretty rare so you might not know it.  “A Muppet Family Christmas“. This is just a wonderful family movie. If you like the muppets you need to see this.  Sadly this year I somehow misplaced it..  I can’t find my ripped version or the DVD version which I originally got from a cereal box of all places.  But It looks like it’s on YouTube so I highly recommend checking it out.

#4 is Scrooged.  Bill Murray at his best.

#5 of course is Charlie Brown Christmas.

Those are our top 5.  What’s yours?