Come on Bluemix. You’re better then this.

Let’s be clear.  I AM interested in Bluemix.  I’ve had several NotesIn9 shows dedicated to it already and I’d like to get more. I do want to play with it myself – especially the XPages experimental bits. Even forgetting about XPages stuff,  Bluemix seems to have a wealth of capabilities.  It looks like a developers candy store. Sadly I suffer from a lack of time, knowledge of the options and I still some trepidation over possible costs and capabilities.  So for now, I’m watching and waiting for a good opportunity to check it out.

But that doesn’t mean I want to be “tricked” into using it.  I recently found 2 emails in my inbox about Bluemix.

The first email came to an address that I rarely use because it’s from my wife’s laser engraving business’s domain. Contrary to what the email says I did NOT sign up for Bluemix at that address.  I THINK I used that address for Lotusphere in 2010 because my company at that time, refused to send me but I’m not sure. I know I did not use it for anything Bluemix related.

The second email came to me at a different, more common address that I use.  While I honestly don’t think I’ve ever registered for Bluemix, it’s possible I might have under that address a long time ago. But the fact that I don’t actually have a “confirmation email” in my inbox makes me a little suspicious as well.

To be honest, both emails feel like SPAM type tricks where my emails addresses, given to IBM for other purposes, are re-used to try and trick my into signing up for Bluemix.

Hopefully this was an honest mistake somewhere down the line.

If not then I’d simply ask IBM / Bluemix to not do this.  Don’t try and trick people into using your tools.  Just make the best tools you can and people will want to give it a try.