WordPress resolution…

So last week I came to realize my site was hacked.  Not being an expert at WordPress and with a lot going on in work and home life I was a little, shall we say, “distraught” at the prospect of dealing with this.

But luckily I follow my own advice.  You see I’ve been preaching for a long time the benefits of “Joining the community”.  That the benefits of sharing information will give you back rewards ten fold.  I could certainly do better in my own sharing but I’ve still managed to shared a bunch over the years.

What have I gotten back from all that sharing? Let’s see, knowledge, experience, speaking opportunities, a dream job and oh yes….  FRIENDS!

I had several friends help me with getting my site back in order.  A huge thank you to Bruce Elgort, Eric McCormick, Declan Lynch and Marky Roden for technical and even “venting support”.

I ended up adding some plugins to the installation:

iThemes Security

Sucuri Security

Word fence


One of them told me the problem files, which I deleted.  I then in place re-installed wordpress.  Then I used the plugins to try and better “harden” the site.

Hopefully that’s the end of that.


If you want to get off the bench and start sharing – let me know and I’ll help you.  If you want a no cost blog that looks pretty cool check out this article from Eric:

The right tool for the right job.