MWLug Wrap up and NotesIn9

I just got back from a GREAT MWLug conference in Atlanta. I’ve been to several MWLug’s and they just keep getting better. It was an amazing conference full of friends, fun, food, drink and information.  I learned a lot from the many sessions and came home with ideas of things I definitely want to try. This conference had so many great sessions I had to make some very painful decisions on which ones I attended.  I think they’re going to have to start doing repeats soon if this keeps up.

Regarding NotesIn9, I was just blown away this year.  Of course it was great to see all my friends and co-conspirators.  🙂  But this year I met just a TON of new people which was awesome.  Some I’ve only ever talked to via the email / internet, and some were just brand new all together.  Simply brilliant!  I think more people came up to me this year to talk about NotesIn9 then the last three conferences that I’ve been to combined.  It was great to get feedback and hear that the show has been of value to so many people.

I’ve been taking a break from live speaking lately and this was the first time in a while I regretted not attempting to speak myself.  Not that I would have made it with this bunch of speakers but would have been fun to try.

I was also very excited to see many of the speakers were previous NotesIn9 contributors.  That’s always fun for me to see people from the show speak live.

The other big benefit I get from conferences is  just the feeling of clarity.  It’s great to get away for a couple days and think. It feels like it reboots my brain and I come back refreshed and ready to get back to it.

So what about NotesIn9? I’ve certainly been slacking in that department for a while. I think it’s time to reboot that as well. No big announcements or promises.  I’d much rather do then talk about doing.  🙂

I want to give big thanks to all the organizers and sponsors of MWLug.  It’s a super event and I’m already looking forward to that next year in Austin, Texas!