Need an XPages/Web Developer Job?

I just saw this come across my email.

I basically interviewed for this job back in 2008/2009ish.  It is in a great facility right next to the amusement parks “Hershey Park” and “Chocolate World”.  They seem to do a lot of neat things.  At the time I did not get the job – supposedly I came in 2nd due to my lack of web experience. While that was a bit of a blow back then it worked out for the best for had I gotten that job I would have missed out on my current dream job.

But anyway – I wanted to just through this out there in case anyone is interested.  I don’t know any of the people involved so I don’t have any more information other then this link.

As an added bonus this is in Hershey Pa so you’d be very near to me.  Hmm maybe that’s not a bonus.