NotesIn9 and Blog publishing plans for Tim’s material

I guess I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on my current thoughts on publishing material that I have from Tim.

I have 2 emails filled with “Tim Info” that I want to publish and just get it out there.  1 is pretty old but the other was forwarded to me last week and I think was from that past Thursday.  Both have some really good information that deserves to be more widely available I think.

I also have 2 videos from Tim.  One from a couple weeks ago on using OAuth.  Another small one from a couple months ago that I just totally missed and forgot about.

There’s also a video from a while ago that was intended for NotesIn9 but I think I was on vacation that week and he just got impatient and put it up on his YouTube Channel.  I pretty much intend to republish that inside NotesIn9 so try and get it more visibility.

Anyway – that’s my thoughts.  My current intention is to get all this out as soon as possible.