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NotesIn9 119: XPages Mobile Development First Steps

In this episode Graham Acres comes back on to talk about getting started with Mobile Development with XPages Mobile Controls.

I’ve had some other getting started with mobile shows on NotesIn9, and even though they might seem similar on the surface, each contributor really does bring a different perspective and focus.  Graham does a great job with his presentation and I hope you like it.

I’m starting to hear form potential contributors that it’s getting harder to find a topic that hasn’t been covered. My response is always “So what?  Cover it again with yo’re own spin”.  It will be different.

This show also contains a short public service annoucement of two worthwhile causes.

Here are links for Graham’s cause:

Spark Ideas Presentation

Riding team site

And here’s a link for Troy Reimers son’s site.

Matt Reimers site


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