Making lemonade for life.

Here’s a post that Becky, my wife made on a Facebook page. Just wanted to share…

Ok. So when last we met I shared a sip from my font of knowledge titled The Jar and the Suitcase. Today I shall discuss lemonade.

Last night as many of you know, my hubby and I attempted to go to a Halloween party in Disney. The culmination of an awesome anniversary week together.

This event has its own admission, parades, fireworks, trick or treating, characters etc.

Shortly after we arrived, without much warning, the skies opened up. And I’m not talking the little passing Florida rain. Thunder, lightning (it goes sideways?!?!?) and horizontal rain. Before we knew it we were up to our ankles (literally) I half expected a gator with a Mickey hat to float by.

So we had 2 choices. Slog ourselves home in a disappointed defeated heap. Or, find some ponchos and push on.

So, ponchos it was.

As we are sloshing around avoiding lightning and pissy people, we discovered a line formed at the front of the park. This line would rival and Space Mountain line in the middle of July. It was so long, the created a queue for it with ropes and barriers.

What was it for? For people demanding a refund for the weather.

A refund, we were informed, they weren’t going to get (you know, small print and all)

We laughed. And proceeded to ride all of the rides that were wide open because of all the Grumpy’s (and I don’t mean the dwarf) in line because it rained in Florida.

My point? Yes God may give you lemons. But unless YOU bring the water and the sugar, your lemonade is gonna suck.

And for God’s sake, get a poncho and move on…..