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MWLug Wrapup

I just got back from an awesome MWLUG conference. A good time was had by all and NotesIn9 was out in full force. Several past contributors gave great sessions. Jeremy Hodge, Graham Acres, Brian Moore and Marky Roden rocked the house. I also gave a session that seemed to fill the room so thanks to those that came to see it! and no one threw anything at me so that’s a big win as well. Hopefully there’s one or two future Ni9 contributors as well from some of the other sessions. 🙂

People are starting to post their slides for the conference. I won’t be posting mine just yet since my session was demo heavy there isn’t a ton of value in the slide deck itself. Rest assured I’ll be doing my complete session on NotesIn9. It probably won’t be a big show but I’ll likely break it into 5 or 6 shows to focus in the individual topics. Expect to see that in early September.