About last night…

I figured I’d blog this just to make it easier to tell the story..

So last night my family and I went over to by brothers for dinner. Near the end of the evening I ended up twisting my ankle pretty bad. This sent a jolt through me which made me dizzy and nauseous. After sitting for a couple minutes I decided to head over to the kitchen to get a little water. I remember cupping my hands under the sick to get water. Next thing I knew I was on the floor. My head was in my wifes lap people were staring at me and there was a pool of blood next to me.

Apparently I passed out while at the sink. When I hit the floor I cut my chin pretty bad. An ambulance was called and got me to the hospital. X-Rays of ankle.. CAT scan of head… blood tests. Heart tests… Maybe some other stuff.. not sure.. 8 stitches to close my 2 inch cut. Kinda felt like a hockey player that lost a fight against Dave Shultz really. 🙂

I guess there’s some kind of vasavagal nerve in the body. When it gets stressed it cuts off blood to the brain. This is what causes some people to pass out from the site of blood. While I don’t have that problem in my case it seems that if I get a quick / sharp pain… This nerve is going to take me down. This happened twice before – where I got quick really bad injuries though I didn’t pass out those times probably because I didn’t try to get up so soon as I did last night. I guess standing with that kind of lightheadedness doesn’t go well together.

Here’s an interesting article on this nerve. Again – I don’t pass out from blood at least I don’t think so. Just quick intense pain I guess. Weird….

Anyway – I’m still a bit shaken up but doing much better then last night.