Did you get rejected from Lotusphere speaking? Me too.

I submitted an XPages Jumpstart with Mike McGarel and another session on XPages and Dojo with Paul Withers.

Ok so I got shut out this year. I’m bummed but I’ll get over it.

But rather then getting too bummed about it, I think I’ll take the time and try and get some more NotesIn9’s out before the conference and hopefully even be able to make some improvements to my site(s). Maybe there will be another surprise as well. 🙂

Did you also submit a session that got rejected? Then let me suggest this. Publish the material anyway! Either on a blog, or wiki article, or even forum post. Heck – if you are interested in screencasting then please contact me about doing your material for NotesIn9. No it doesn’t have to be XPages specific! I’d be interested in talking to you.

The point is you have material to share. Just because there wasn’t a slot available at Lotusphere doesn’t mean you still can’t present it.