NotesIn9 Week update!

This week saw 4 new NotesIn9 shows added the the collective XPages learning material. 2 regular shows, 2 Extended Editions and one new guest contributor!

NotesIn9 029: Combine URL Parameters with Excel Exporting
NotesIn9: 030 – Formatting Numbers in XPages
NotesIn9: EE 008 – XPages: One Man’s Journey
NotesIn9: EE 009 – Using Java HashMaps and TreeMaps with XPages

I had fully planned to publish another show today – to round out “NotesIn9” week. But it’s Friday… Harry Potter is out now and no one cares. 🙂

So I think I’ll save this for next week I think. I also have 2 NEW guest contributors about to come on so I’m considering another 4 shows next week. We’ll see how it goes. I do wonder if 4-5 in 1 week is too much.

As always, I really hope all this stuff helps and I thank everyone for their comments, feedback and interest in the show!