Please help someone NEW to Lotus Notes and XPages Dev that wants to use it MORE.

I got this in my email, but as much as I like, I can’t really advice this person as I myself don’t know that much about integrating XPages and a relational database, which I assume Postgres is.

So I thought I’d through this out to see of anyone had any thoughts on this.

Dear David,

I am very new to Lotus notes 8.5.2 and I am trying to learn programming in lotus notes Xpages.

I have to develop a meeting room reservation system using calendar and mail user list of Lotus Notes as the GUI and then save the data in the postgres database.

Can you tell me that is possible to mix read/write the Lotus notes mail and calendar DB with Postgres DB in XPages.

The reason for doing this is, that we have the reservation system online already but we would like to encourage our users to use Lotus notes more and migrate the application within Lotus Notes some how.

I am very grate full for your time in advanced.