Domino Designer on Mac – It’s Social Business!

I just wanted to jump in on the blog posts today about Domino Designer for the Mac.

You can see other’s here:
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DDE on Mac

This really needs to be made a priority by IBM. Sure, in the grand scheme of things Apple’s market share is still lower the Windows. But Apple has tremendous GROWTH, and GROWTH is what Notes/Domino needs! How many speakers at Lotusphere are using Mac’s? A LOT of them. But they’re crazy enough to use virtual machines. How many students use Mac’s? A LOT of them. But they’re NOT crazy enough to use Virtual machines.

Please IBM – this has to get done. This is like Social Business really. Take Designer to where the people are going!

If it’s easier – don’t do the “full” designer. Do a light version that just has what’s needed for XPages. That’s would be a great product right there!

The Notes/Domino community is a great one. We can evangelize. We can even educate by creating Wiki articles, podcasts/screencasts, and even answer questions in forums and twitter.

But the community can not bring Domino Designer to the Mac. Only IBM can do this. Please IBM – make this a priority. Bring Designer to the Mac so all these Mac people who want the best hardware, can now have the chance to create web applications with the best Web application server out there – XPages via Domino.