XPages Cheat Sheet: Here it is!

Here is the XPages Cheat Sheet that I’ve promised to the community.

I’m releasing this a little earlier then Jan 29th, which I had originally planned,  just in case someone spots an error then I MIGHT be able to fix it before it goes to the Lotusphere printers.

The cheatsheet references the domain, which is not currently live.  I originally thought about hosting the files there and using that to assist in translating it to additional languages, but now I’m not sure.  I’m investigating the possibility of hosting this on, so I’ll let everyone know what happens.

Again, I need to thank the community for this. By compiling information from MANY different sites, and discussing and getting advice from several of my friends this was truly a group effort.

Ok – Here they are.  I have 2 versions, one for printing on 8.5 x 11 and another for printing on 11×17 as I originally intended.



Please share this with anyone who’s interested in XPages, and check back here at for any update notices.