NotesIn9 Problem.

I wanted to title this post “NotesIn9 is Canceled?” but thought that might be too sensational and distract from the much more important discussions that have been going on.

Well, I haven’t been actually been canceled, but it sure feels like it at the moment. My “network” has cut me off. This means that the embedded videos in my posts won’t play and I assume any new iTunes subscriptions won’t work either.

Yesterday I recieved an email from the provider that I use to actually host my files, LIBSYN.COM. The letter stated that my account is suspended due to being deliquent. I can only assume that my credit card that I had with them expired and I need to update it.

I say “assume” because that’s all I know at the moment. I got a suspension notice. I did NOT get a “You have a problem coming up” notice. I can’t even log into my account because it’s been suspended. ARGH!

My only recourse is to email them, which I did yesterday and not heard anything back yet. I’ve emailed again this morning.

How’s that for customer service?

So until I can get this sorted, hopefully getting the problem fixed in the short term and in the long term looking for a new host for my videos – all the shows can still be found on YouTube:

Make sure you use “DaveLeedy” and not “DavidLeedy”.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I have a bunch of videos and in the works and coming soon. Hopefully.

P.S. If anyone has hosting suggestions for the video files I’d really appreciate it.